Red35 Review: The Olympus Tough TG-5

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Jimmy develops a bit of a love/hate relationship with the new compact camera from Olympus, the Tough TG-5. See how Jimmy gets on with the indestructible TG-5 on a bonding trip to Cuba, where he puts Olympus’ brand new camera through its paces.

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Chunky Monkey says:

Thank you man, I wish more videos gave us more details like this. I am considering buying this camera for scuba diving and I appreciate your honest opinions.

Honest Burglar says:

This has almost everything I want in a point'n'shoot:
Fits in pocket
I just wish this had a bigger sencor. It shouldn't be comparable to my phone

Stephen Wratten says:

Surprised you went with a Billingham bag and Olympus branded camera strap in Cuba. Screams…expensive camera gear here come and get it! Mind you maybe they thought you were a commie with that stupid hat and decided to leave you alone!😎

Estela Torres says:

Nice hat pendejo

Ian Rivlin says:

Annoying background music. – Very intrusive.

mark scott says:

Picked up the camera based on your recommendation. Just getting started in photography and was looking for something more versatile than a GoPro or Sony fdr

mark scott says:

How is the stabilization? Would you recommend over a GoPro hero 6?

bobclarie says:

Can you demo the macro, focus stacking feature? Thanks, Bob

Linda Jane says:

Is three any way to take selfish with this camers?

Mike Heffernan says:

Thinking out loud…I am considering this camera and I like that your review comes from beating on it and I like you did it in Cuba. I’m ok with no touch screen, it doesn’t help when snorkeling or diving or just moving fast. I’m also ok with the lack of manual video focus, (though that is absurd!)…it’s not a video camera. Other than that, you hit every note for me. I’m into stills and unfortunately you didn’t spend one second talking about this cameras best feature…many outdoor action and camera blogs/vlogs say the macro is the best in almost any camera. Action is what this camera is known for and macro underwater, well…the pictures tell the story. There. I just convinced myself. Thanks!

Juris Berzins says:

Very good review, really helpful.
Can you comment and give some review about such feature as "Quick Access". I mean, how quick and easy is grab the camera and shoot immediately. Does it remember last used settings? I just looking for an action camera, but it needs it to be definitely "fast in use". Is it?

zixliq says:

Hi! Great video! I'm just a bit curious about underwater. Do you need to buy an underwater housing for it as well or will it manage underwater by it's own? Thanks in advance!

Jasmeet Singh says:

Is the image quality, clarity and depth effect of olympus tg 5 better than that of a i phone 8 camera or samsung galaxy 9 or oneplus 6 camera or google pixel 2?

James Aguilar says:

I'm debating if I should get the TG5 or GoPro7. advice is greatly appreciated.

Rolando Perez says:

That's where photo shop comes in to correct any abnormalities after taking photo shoots

Frank Castro says:

You really should have picked another country! Good luck in life.

mohamed fahud says:

7:56 accent also went DOWNN too. cool review though.

ziggy72170 says:

Hello,, I just bought this Camera.. So far i've been using it in Auto Mode. It takes good night-time Pics.. But in Auto mode ,, I can't figure out how to turn and leave on the Camera-Flash !! ( For some odd reason in Auto Mode the camera rarely uses the Flash ).. Please Help..Thanxs..

Bluethner Art Studio says:

I had the TG4 (which I loved) and unfortunately fell on it and cracked the display panel so I bought the the TG5 – The BIGGEST PIECE OF CRAP ever!!! It is difficult to set settings quickly to capture something on the fly. There are too many dials and options to flip, dial and forward through to set the camera. The video option is not what I hoped for. My action and nature films are out of focus, the movement is broken up and it is impossible to see what you are filming or photographing with only a display panel. It really needs a viewfinder for strong daylight. And the zoom option is nothing like the TG4, and the images are of a lesser quality. Underwater filming has also declined. The camera will not focus on the whole scene and is constantly trying to focus so you have a movie that makes you want to vomit with all the motion going on. SO! you can fall on it and it is more durable. WHO CARES! Olympus does not back up their product and if you want to replace it because of an accident, you will need more coverage than it costs to replace the damn thing. I will never buy another Olympus ever again!

marioplus321 says:

Beautiful package, wreck inside🚮

Gonthor1000 says:

Is there selfie stick for this camera? Asking for friend.

F 16 says:

Impressive. Were those photo edited? Or straight from the camera?

Jaime Deluna says:

Does it show time and date on pics

Digazmo says:

I hoped for some microphone tests 🙁 maby i missed it or something, but i would really want to know the sound quality on this camera. Im looking for a sturdy, allround vlogging camera that can take a beating, hike and dive
So, does anyone know the sound quality on this? Or maybe knows about a video that have a mic sample of this, since the image quality is amazing one can hope the sound is atleast workable

z_mathematics says:

How is the audio quality? My previous experience with the Olympus Tough series has had a clicking or hammering sound with the video. I discovered it was from the auto focus hunting while filming. I was thinking of buying this camera and using manual focus to avoid the clicking, but you say you cannot adjust focus once shooting. Does the auto focus disrupt the sound on the TG5?

Wasif Khan says:

did you take the light trail shot with the tg-5?

Richard Stead says:

I have a tg2 and it's a fantastic travel camera . The shape is the only thing I dont find very modern but it's still a great all round travel camera. The Macro mode is first class . You have a lot of control on how your photo is going to turn out. Good video and if you purchase a tg5 it's a very good choice.

jdonalds2001 says:

I've been tempted to buy a TG-5 but user reviews say it has a major flaw. One of the rubber covers tends to come open, there is water incursion, and the camera is ruined. Check out user comments on Amazon.

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