RED Dragon-X DSMC2 Cinema Camera Review

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RED recently announced the DSMC2 Dragon-X 5K camera. Since the RED Raven 4.5K camera and the Dragon-X both use the RED Dragon sensor, what’s the difference? Is it worth upgrading from the RED Raven to the Dragon-X?

If you are looking to up your cinematography game, the Dragon-X can certainly help you. The interchangeable lens mount means you can attach your favorite lenses even if they are something odd like a Nikon mount. You can also change out the Optical Low-Pass Filter or OLPF on the Dragon-X. This allows you to change how Infrared and Ultra Violet light are blocked from the sensor. The Skin Tone-Highlight OLPF has the best color rendition, while the Low-Light Optimized OLPF has the least amount of noise in low-light situations.

We also found that the larger size of the sensor on the Dragon-X meant overall smaller noise and a wider image on the same lenses when compared to the RED Raven.

Perhaps the biggest upgrade to the Dragon-X over the Epic Dragon is the ability to create color graded dailies in-camera. This means you can use with RED’s new IPP2 color pipeline for your camera originals, and can also record ProRes or DNxHR 2K proxies in Rec. 709 with the director of photography’s creative LUT applied directly to the footage.
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LumaForge says:

Which features for the RED Dragon-X are you most excited about?

miss-oli says:

when a camera is almost half as expensive as your house O.o

Ameer Sameer says:

I have Nikon d7100 my camera is better 😂

Pedro Blanco-Uribe says:

Excellent test

FreeX says:

REDS suck
Sensors are okay
But the camera it self it just shuts of out of no where dosent turn on sometimes

This is guaranteed to happen if u buy a red camera they are way to cheap and if u do want the best camera and the best bang for your buck buy an Alexa

Y. Zhao says:

Would you recommend the gemini 5k or the dragon x 6k? Or should i wait for the dsmc3 which is coming in the end of 2020 or perhaps early 2021?

michel arens says:

Great video !


how you like the 6k upgrade

Vip I says:

Finally a more detailed look into the Dragon X. Thankyou so much for your valid input! I was considering buying a DSMC EPIC X for $10K which is cheap! But for an extra $10K i could buy the Dragon X DSMC2…decisions.

Directed by Josh Rich says:

Great review. I'm really loving my Dragon X, check out some of my latest uploads.

Viewfinder Media says:

An overpriced pocket 4K.

Anderson Sousa official says:

THIIIIIIIIS.. is a tutorial !!! congratultions…


mine came yesterday


this kinda wasn't a review you just talked about what you like not really about the camera and features and usage and differences

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