Red Camera Vs Arri Alexa | Cinema Camera Showdown

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Potato Jet says:

*CORRECTION – shot at 13:40 and 13:47 was 800 ISO, not 3200 ISO.

Alsoooo, <3 <3 <3 to anyone who watched the whole thing! 🤘

Omer Faruk says:

which one is Alexa? 1 or 2 ??

T'Proxy says:

7:20 you don't need to apologizem it's not a big deal. Don't please the SJW's

Bryce Myrah says:

Arri is high key better quality.

twertygo says:

I guessed that camera 2 was the Arri, because from the Arri vs Samsung video I remember that the Arri seemed to have a little green tone. And I saw that too, but then there was the one low light scene where the 1 had a more green look (I think the parking lot) and that confused me a little.

Andy Hernandez says:

I prefer the red in general but arri in low natural light settings

Ashok Mehta says:

Sir rad epic kamra
Indiyan parace batay

StageLined says:

I can tell that in comments i'm in the minority that I I like the look of the Red. I love the contrast of the colors and the deep shadows.

M.V says:

I king of got hard in the beginning with the girl she thick

Enrico Di Nardo says:

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V.ganesh Gane says:

Hi bro super camara haw mach rent

Lau Lexus says:

Sony AX55 is better…

Thang Le says:

important still post-processing

MedSou says:

Awesome 👍👍👍👍

Andyy Olesen says:

more like how do you pick between using 5 reds or 5 Arri cameras for a production? oh right, the budget and those crazy expensive cinema lenses. 🙂

Zach Haayema says:

One thing i noticed was the way the Alexa "sees" sodium vapor. It's not a very pleasant look compared to the RED. Just something interesting to note about the camera and how different cameras see light differently

Connor Nolan says:

Wow, the Alexa viewfinder is trash, and costs about as much as a gh5s with a set of entry level cine lenses. Perspective on high end cine gear right there.

Weasle 65 says:

I still personally think that alexa is the most natural/beautiful look

Niemand Schuldet says:

ARRI = Skintones! 😉

StarrTouch says:

Love the Red look, strongly dislike the reliability issues.

Jimy Uuik says:

Wasn't really hard to figure out which one was shot on the alexa

Antonio Rivne says:

watching it at 480P, lol

DashFlash- The Life says:

One thing that i notice is that RED cameras are really good at low light / dark situations, like in that first sequence everything dark the RED dominated. The arri seemed to be searching for light in those sequences, and it felt very artificial. Going with that, give the Arri light and it will outperform any other camera. It is sharp and it glows. The RED would very much win in darker movies while arri will kill brighter ones.

FreeRiders says:

I really like red cameras, but air is an $70,000 dollars camera, so much price difference.

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