Reasons to Buy the Panasonic Lumix LX5 Compact Digital Camera

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Continuing on from the previous 5 reasons to buy a TZ10 (ZS7) I came across a secondhand LX5 when out shopping. At £85 I thought it was a great bargain and I had to have it – even though cosmetically it was a little worse for wear.
The LX5 was a superb little camera and I had one in 2012 before upgrading it to the LX7. Stills wise the LX5 gave better images but was lacking in video quality as it only supported 720p at low bit rates.
I subsequently sold the LX7 to buy a GH2 micro four thirds camera.
This is my short video to show the potential of this 10M CCD image sensor and why I think it is a great purchase for anyone wanting a better camera than their smartphone without spending a small fortune. At the end of the video is a 720p test file upscaled to 1080p which I then downloaded to my iPhone 8 and my Shark 1 Android phones just to see what the quality would be like – very acceptable. I also uploaded the file to my private facebook page just to see it at the default resolution – again quite acceptable.

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TTv says:

Wow just re watched this video and will be sticking with my trusty tz10, despite trying some newer and more expensive models. Do you know if the lx7 was before or after the tz10 ? As the spec looks roughly similar.

Jacqueline Morales says:

Hi,Mr Graham,excellent video and informative as always,some days ago i found and bought a lx7 ..what's your opinion about this camera and what are the best setting for it ?.. Thanks in advance👍😎

Chicago John says:

Having successfully converted a ZS6 for IR, do you think it would be equally simple to convert an LX5? I'd like to have the RAW file capability in IR.

David Aldridge says:

Super little camera with excellent lens and provided great results. I really was impressed by it and took it on all my hiking trips. Unfortunately, it died on me one day. I switched it on, the lens came out about half of its travel then stopped, never to work again. Since then I used a DMC-LF1 and now a DMC-GX80, but still miss the LX5

Madison County Sound Labs says:

Thank you Graham for the excellent review!
I have the overpriced Leica D-Lux 5 version of the LX5.
I would have purchased a used LX5 instead of a used D-Lux 5 but at the time
I was unaware.
I use it with the Panasonic EVF and it works flawlessly.
I use the camera for street photography with phenomenal results!
Thanks again for the great review, now subscribed!😀 📸👍

Chagz Cheese says:

can I use my lx5 as webcam?

paintbrushful says:

graham.I love your vlogs….so informative Thank you Do you think there is a real, palpable difference in lumix cameras with leica lenses compared to the red dot Leika than can be SOOOOO much more expensive. I see point and shoot leicas for $1000's and wondering if you have found an amazing difference.
I would love to read your assesment…and any advise. Thanks again..Lee

john brookes says:

Totally agree with you.I bought an LX7 and it wasn't as good image quality so I kept my LX5. Decided to buy an LX15 and believe it or not even that doesn't produce as good images as my LX5. Sadly I sold the LX5 to purchase the LX15 wrong move.

Fatih Gökmen says:

Shutter count issue
I am planing to buy used lx5
What to check first?

bikejoede says:

Thank you. I made the exact same experience when I tried to find an adequate successor for my broken TZ10 in 2013. No compact camera had the same image quality as the TZ10 with the CCD sensor. I was very sad since then, but thanks to your instruction videos I have ordered a replacement lens for it and hope to revive it soon! Even after 5 years!

SadBoy Mc says:

Graham can i use the LX5 for streaming? using the hdmi cable?

Tong ZHU says:

Thanks Graham for the video, I decided to take my LX5 out of the drawer and revive it. Could I ask where did you get the conversion lens adapter and ND filters? Do you have any links? Thanks.

Brian C says:

Graham, I should have done this in the previous post. From the Panasonic website, these are the improvements provided by the Version 2.0 upgrade to the LX5…

Ver 2.0
Auto Focus speed-up.
[HIGH ISO NR] has been added to the [REC] menu.
Improved auto white balance performance.
[ACTIVE MODE] has been added to the [MOTION PICTURE] menu.
The AF/AE Lock operated by half-pressing the shutter button has been improved.
When [MF] is set, you can make fine adjustments to the focus using a simpler operation than before.
The position and size of the AF area you have set are now stored.
The upper limit of the shutter speed in Manual Exposure Mode has been raised. (Max 250 seconds approximately)
[MINIATURE EFFECT] has been added to My Colour Mode.
[MONITOR] / [VIEWFINDER] has been added to the [SETUP] menu.

Brian C says:

Hi Graham! I'm enjoying your videos particularly on the FZ200. I also just bought a very clean, used LX5 for a mere $70 US. Be aware, there is a firmware upgrade for the LX5 so some of the parameters you cite in this video are incorrect. The shutter speed limit is now increased to 250 sec. from 60 sec.. Also, auto focus speeds are improved and some enhancements to white balance among other things I am sure. Check it out.

Andy McElroy says:

Must be something in the air…I was just struck by the inspiration to pull my old LX5 out of storage and keep it in my everyday pack. Thanks for the helpful video!

fingerhorn4 says:

Dear Graham, your tutorials have helped me immensely over the years, and not just relating to your own Lumix and other personally owned cameras, but a whole range of other cameras which share similar control features. Your presentation style is a breath of fresh air when compared to many similar sites which give scant detail and tend towards the selfie-obsessed generation. Thanks for all your great videos which are greatly appreciated.

I wonder whether you will in future be doing some reviews about the current series of Lumix mirrorless and other M43 or 1 inch sensor cameras? Best Wishes.

Thomas Renshaw says:

Graham – I just wanted to say Thank You for all the time and effort you have put into your videos. I have been watching them for the last several years and it was your review that convinced me to purchase my Panasonic DMC-ZS40 Travel camera. I have taken this little guy with me on several vacations and I keep it in my Messenger Bag so I always have a camera with me. While I know it isn't Top Shelf any longer I still enjoy shooting with it. Didn't mean to carry on just wanted say Thank You.

windmillgolfer says:

The LX5 is a good camera but the LX7 is much better, with built-in ND filter and f1.4 lens but still 24-90mm. If looking to buy an LX5 make sure the real control wheel, which indents to switch functions, is working properly as it is a weak point on that model. No problems, so far, with my LX7.

mollydooka17 says:

Hi Graham, I've been watching your videos ever since I bought the FZ200 a few years back, but I've been thinking of changing in the hope of getting better quality sharper images!!(??) A forlorn hope perhaps, can't really blame one's instruments, especially after all the info you've posted over the years, of which I've probably only absorbed a small percentage…… What do you think of mirrorless cameras compared to the bridge cameras? The now superseded Sony a6000 can be bought for around AU$650 (368 pounds) online (local retailers selling "on sale" for $847) with a 16-50mm lens. It's about my budget. Am I deluding myself that it'll make it easier to take better photos with a 24 mp mirrorless camera compared to my FZ200? There's a number of fabulous Lumix mirrorless cameras in the G series, but most of them are out of my budget.
Appreciate any advice Graham, cheers!

צילום says:

Thank you so much for your videos. I'm constantly using lumix models and have learnt a lot from you.
Could you please dedicate a tutorial to the Fz80 with some tips on optimizing zoom results in low light?

Christine Coughlan says:

Thanks Graham.

Dieter von der Heide says:

Hello Graham, very interesting about the old LX5. I just purchased in addition to my FZ300 also a LX , the model LX100, to have DSLRlike results in low light and for the benefit using a much bigger sensor. While the FZ300 does a better job in other features like touchscreen, zoom and rough weather conditions.

Will You perhaps also give us a closer presentation to the LX100 one day? I am very impressed so far by the Image quality even als jpeg comming out of that micro for thirds senor. But one has to take a deep look into all possibilities of that nice little camera in order to use it well.
Greetings from Germany. Dieter

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