Realme XT vs Nikon D850 Camera Comparison – 64MP vs 45MP – More MP = Better Quality?

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Rex Gaming says:

This guy is a genuine youtuber.. I have never seen such indepth camera comparison and such good reviews of mobile phones in other youtuber's videos… But why on earth people don't subscribe him is really saddening… Keep it up bro.. Continuous efforts will lead you to success…


It is a camera with mobile phones

Tamilindia pro says:

Ad 15 second

Kesavan A says:

Which one best? Tell me bro

Shameer says:

You are comparing a varuthu with ferrari

Indrakumar Puvvula says:

I think this is useless compares..

Kenze Payang says:

48 and 64 mp camera phones users are now gonna report or critise u bro😂😂 God bless you..
Like topend camera with midrange smart phone camera. So for fair competition why don't you sir demonstrate with some camera centric phone with entry level Dslr like Nikon D5300, Canon EOS 1500D etc

Praveen Kande29 says:

Nice video keep it up 👌

siva photography says:

Dai motta
D850 evlo price theriuma
Enna processor theriuma Nikon's most powerful expeed 5 processor one of the best wildlife camera now idiot. Panam kudutha podhumey unaku

Mahi JB says:

He's stupid. How can you compare it to d850? It's a shame.

Hindi Tech News says:

One day smartphone will defeat dslr cameras

Disc_Jockey_ Rmn_Pratapgarh. says:

Mundaha bhosdi lanthay ho ka

Disc_Jockey_ Rmn_Pratapgarh. says:

mobile to mobile hi rhega na whi chutiya waala comprasion video bnaye ho…

karansharmaa1 says:

What a joke camera and phone have some differences total cost of camera and will be different. can u make call and surfing on camera fool Campari with other mobile … Before making video think it. Foolish person

Gopi Rocky says:

Can I know which is the better one bro


Here is the one of the biggest different between camera and phone. If you want to know reply me

im aryan says:

Hindi bolne me sharam aati hai kya

Alpana Laskar says:

Compare dslr vs iphone 11

Galaxy Studio says:

Are gandu dslr se nahi pohach pata gandu aasai hi video banate rahate hai

deepak tyagi g says:

Why are u comparing DSLR with this so called 64 mp which is 16 mp in reality

veer Arya says:

Chutyaa samja hai hum logo ko londe live kar dono ko tab mane kisi or chutye ki imgae laga ke chutyaa mat banaa lund ke bal

Ravindra Nath Maurya says:

Please, Make a video with canon d200 and sony a7 mark 3

VJ Anand says:

It's totally unfair , coz realme xt don't even beat Asus Zenfone Max pro m1 coz I compare photos with my old Asus Zenfone Max pro m1 with my new realme xt and Asus wins

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