Realme XT Camera Review – 64 Megapixel Quad Camera!

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h s says:

Screen quality wise redmi note 7 pro or realme 5 pro ????

Puneeth Sm says:

Sir..I'm lukng for camera quality..Sony imx586 or Samsung gw1 price under 15k..I'm lukng for realme 5pro or redmi note 8pro..wch will be better in camera..? Can u plz suggest..?

Parimal Singh says:

Why's the camera view poking up your nostrils?

Vikrant Jha says:

Is there notification light present ?or still missing in this phone..

Kumar says:

Does it have manual mode in ultrawide? With shutter speed

Bappi Sarkar says:

Learn to click photos first.

Pratik Mondal says:

Nice & detailed! Some cool shots I must say… 👍

N Raman says:

You live in Bengaluru right.

afsal shah says:

It's good to see that realme has improved it's selfie camera. But all other aspects are not good as expected.
Looking forward for a good wide angle camera setup in this category and that would be the game changer for this segment.


Ara Yaar Manu Kumar k haath mein Realme ka phone 😜😜😜😜LoL

Vishal Giri says:

great details and colors, great camera phone indeed, awesome review Sandeep bhai!!

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