Realme X50 Pro 5G Camera Review with Sample Images – How Does The Quad Camera Setup Perform?

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We check out the rear camera performance on the Realme X50 Pro 5G which comes with a quad camera setup.

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0:01 – Intro & Specs
0:44 – Realme X50 Pro Camera Specs
2:30 – Realme X50 Pro Camera Modes & Camera Features
5:10 – Realme X50 Pro Camera Samples (Outdoor)
08:13- Realme X50 Pro Camera Samples (Indoor)
09:07 – Realme X50 Pro Camera Samples (Backlight)
12:17 – Realme X50 Pro Macro Mode Close Ups
14:10 – Realme X50 Pro Night Mode Samples
14: 34 – Closing Verdict

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Watch our detailed Benchmark and Gaming Performance Test video of the Realme X50 Pro:

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Jc Sontinou says:

Top specs but wide angle camera only 8mp? What r u thinking Realme?


Can it record 1080p video at 960 fps?

Sai Kumar's Sketches says:

Me waiting for 4k video review from 12:10
May after this 12:55
Okay after 14:00
Okay after 15:00
Okay after 16:00
Kked up video ended😬😬😬

joe messi says:

Iqoo vs realme x50 pro vs one plus 8 which would be a better deal for money and all-round performance

Ngongo Thiyam says:

Zero video features review…. Worst review ever…

Himesh Wafgaonkar says:

Does it has full support with gcam & filmic pro

Tech Rockerz says:

Extreme low light test please

Fränk Sen says:

Is it compare with Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro? I mean the cam? The price for Mi 10 Pro is to much…

Emanuel av says:

Todo latino te miras y hablando ingles

Mohd Mohdmmed says:

It s good but network it sim or 5 g connection not there x50 now Mobil network and it's slow we r not use than internet struggle hange than smartphone

akshay achari says:

Realme gone mad….🧐 launchi so many models confusing to customer wat to take, wat shuld not too

Awesome Me says:

I hate phones with dual cameras in front…it kills the full view display of the phone

Ak Ram says:

Good Video But………. It's an AD

arunkumar s m says:

Does it have selfie slow motion feature?

Евгений Пестун says:

U are the MAN! SUPER JOB! Can u please compare: crop from 64mp and 5x zoom. I Wonder is there any difference

Premkumar Chungkham says:

Can any one suggest me the best multi function printer under 16-17k for daily print out and photocopies of around 75-100pages???

Raymond Lee says:


Nilesh Swar says:

Worst decision realme made by choicing Samsung sensor

saurabh muneshwar says:

looks like camera is not that flagship level

Venodseshu K says:

Do we need Background music For review Video

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