Realme X2 vs Redmi Note 8 Pro CAMERA COMPARISON by a Photographer (in Hindi)

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This is Realme x2 vs Redmi note 8 pro camera comparison video in Hindi. In this video I have done detailed camera test of realme x2 and redmi note 8 pro. #realmex2 #redminote8pro #camera


Babu Ch says:

Please do camera review of budget phone REDMI NOTE 8 not the Redmi note 8 PRO. Please, I am expecting you'll do this.

Vijaya N u says:

Sir vivo s1 pro vs redmi note 8 pro camera text plz…

Milind Saraf says:

Superb video, keep it up.
It helped me to choose Redmi 8 pro for photography, especially still photography.

Biswajit Baral says:

Thank you brother for this best comparison and the best recommendation for me. At this time I want to purchase a new phone but I am confused in better camera phone under 15,000.00 rupees. Now I am sure what I want to purchase. Thanks again.

akash upalkar says:

Bhai note8pro vs x2 waapas karo with gcam

akash upalkar says:

Gcam daalke ?

Paras Baansal says:

Redmi note 8 Pro Is really Awesome 😊

Saif Parihar says:

Other youtubers – Realme
Photographer – Redmi
Choice is yours thank you

MR KAVI says:

Redmi thodi warm pics deta h
But sharpness really very good

Silent Killer says:

Watching this on my note 8 pro
Love from bangladesh

Ripsaw EV-2 says:

Slo mo test nahi ?

Rahul Shah says:

Clearly winner Redmin note 8 pro hai bhai aur wo aap ko bhi pata hai

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