Realme X vs vivo S1 vs Oppo K3 camera comparison: mid-range camera battle

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In this camera comparison we compare the highly requested Realme X, Oppo K3, and the vivo S1.

Host: Ershad
Editor: Nitesh

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Siddhant Wavre says:

I ordered my k3 on 15 Aug… Arriving at 23…👀

इलयास इलयास says:

Meri good best compare

Suryansh Saxena says:

I am unhappy with the colors of my realme x selfie whether its day or night , their is too much of oversharpening and the colors are not great they look too bad

Utkarsh Jain says:

Plz make a review video for tab a 10.1 and 8. It says bestseller on Amazon but no reliable videos available. Counting on your video to make the purchase


Is this 48mp of realme x?

sukhandeep singh says:

Great work guys👍👌 i liked the ratings chart as it provides neat comparson between different cameras.thanks. I would like to watch more camera comparisons in future.

Vivian Sharma says:

Should have been the Vivo Z1 Pro

Muzzamil Ahmad says:

All three phones have amoled display….😙😙
S1 designs looks more attractive IMO and Wide angle camera ….

Damodar Sanil says:

Vivo S1 😍

Prince Jawa says:

Hindi bna. Mere bhai

Rahul R says:

1st picture..couds has been overexposd clearly in oppo k3 and vivo…only realme x got it right…but you guys says otherwise….i have been noticing this wrong conclusion or explaining in many of your videos lately !!!

Bhawna Bisht says:

If u like realme x pls like


I liked the presentation…Thanks… but a mention on the price & zoom aspects could have enhanced the appeal…. <[email protected]>

Sukrith Nair says:

Oppo k3 is the best

Yansen Mul says:

Who said IMX586 the best camera sensor for mid range? LOL. Pixel Binning Tech in smartphone not the same with SLR Camera, phone pixel binning will leave noise that smear the detail especially in daylight. Even Realme X still lose to Realme 3 Pro (u can watch some reviews, 3 pro have better dynamic range and detail).

Nirjhar Das says:

K3 is great

biker boy says:

Shut the fuck up.. u always degrading realme x it's an awesome phone…. When comparison to redmi k20 u said redmi is best .. everyone knows who is best.. shity review

Arjun Ambarnath says:

Please take pictures and videos from different locations around ur city, instead of the same office area again and again.
It's getting monotonous and distorts perspective.

timon zz says:

Oppo always brilliant in camera

Ekamber Reddy says:

Great review, really.
True points mentioned. Everybody says Realme X is a great camera phone compared to K3, but X has a 12mp cam using pixel binning technology; but Oppo K3 is true 16mp camera, hence superior camera.

Ravi Varma says:

Realme X low light selfies are pathetic. The color tones are unnatural with lifeless skin. The K3 low-light selfies have better pleasing skin tones. I got Realme X today and shocked to look at the low-light selfies.

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