Realme 6 Vs Redmi Note 9S Camera Comparison

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Realme 6 Vs Redmi Note 9S Camera Comparison. Side by side comparison of video in low light, audio, day stills and night shot, macro, ultrawide and 64MP Vs 48MP modes. Make sure you check my full reviews of both: Redmi Note 9S: and Realme 6

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Anup verma says:

Realme 6 EIS is really disappointing. Nowhere in comparison with redmi

Wirxaw Tanev says:

Redmi… terrible mic, as always. Front video sucks too. I mean – faces aren't supposed to glow.
4k – Redmi, predictably, oversaturates. It also heavily overexposes in an attempt to capture more light. No HDR, of course, god forbid, but definitely more detail than black and white Realme 6, although Realme does have some HDR. The 0:50 part with Vera – you can clearly see that it's a 3D cat on Realme – she has nose, whiskers, hair, whereas Redmi is like a pastel paining.
Ultrawide may as well not exist on Realme 6. Same with rear night video.
Not so ironically – Redmi aces frontal night video. Why not ironically? Once again – overexposure. The reason Chris' face glowed at the beginning of the video – is because oversaturation and overexposure is how cheap sensors try to make it look like they can "take good shots". At night, however, this overexposure turned into "just enough" light captured to make it look okay.

Not sure if I liked the reddish tone on Chris' face in frontal photo, but overall it had more detail.
The child photo is a tough one. Realme has totally ruined the exposure, making the face rubbery and discoloring the shirt, but it preserved the detail of the sleevehand and the pants. Despite Redmi's oversaturation, it exposed the shot much better, with more lifelike face color, even the mouth part, and the shirt was more coherent. But… it lost focus on the sleeve and the pants, so they were blurred to shit.
Both macro shots were terrible. Pre-crop Redmi at least had something visible, post-crop, obviously, Realme's narrower shot had more detail. Pre-crop Realme, however, is a joke.
It almost feels like rear ultrawide is better than the main sensor on Redmi. There are actually signs of HDR and the color isn't as dead as on Realme.
2:52 I beg to differ. Realme was about as smooth as a PS2 game, it was painful to look at anything in that shot. Redmi might have oversatured everything, but it looked much more coherent and iPhony. Plus… it didn't spill a bucket of blue paint onto the sky, managed to capture a bird and even what looks like a rainbow… or an airplane tail. You cropped in on that wall, which Realme sharpened like there's no tomorrow, and it hardly looks realistic at all.
Mostly agree with the rest.

Mario Ray Mahardhika says:

the macro sample, looks like on 9S the focus is on the leaf instead of the center.

Save Our World says:

Please dont put that "winner cup" on every picture . Let us decide because everyone have a different taste. Thank you

hakimul sufi says:

Is that your daughter there in the photo? or maybe she is one of your relative? she is so cute 😍.and nice review(though realme 5 pro seemed better front camera stabilized but now note 9 pro is better)

Mehedi Hasan Likhon says:

I want a comparison video between realme 6 pro vs note 9 pro max

if you can please do it as soon as possible… thnq

love from Bangladesh ♥♥

Mehedi Hasan Likhon says:

I want a comparison video between realme 6 pro vs note 9 pro max

if you can please do it as soon as possible… thnq

love from Bangladesh ♥♥

RUS says:

Waiting for Redmi note 9 pro MAX

jason everly says:

Those are trash cameras compare to my huawei mate 30 pro..

Suryasis Mandal says:

I also think Note 9a has overall better Camera Quality. Regarding the 64MP vs 48MP, the samsung camera module used in 9S is their second generation sensor and actually has better image quality than the first gen 64mp sensor.

Jack Torrance says:

Realme se gasta mucho dinero en publicidad, pero me parece que algunos de sus smartphones son un verdadero fail

Gonamorima Hehe says:

The only best review..keep it up bro

t1000v20 says:

Night mode not an issue when you can use GCAM. I Even get really good night shots with a Redmi 7 and GCAM.

Geoff Gill says:

For the most part, the Redmi camera wins over the Realme, which surprised me, given the Realme has a 64mp main shooter


Nice comparation~

Imoćanin says:

Both are shit 🤣🤣🤣🤣

너일루좀와바 says:

We gatta wait for Max.

Konata Izumi says:

Pretty ok for 200 bucks mobile.

Paul asuquo says:

Please kindly give me the name of the hand held device used in recording this video. Thanks

flying chicken says:

mek it clear realm6, rednot9s, Aseries and all products with 600 700 exnosUnder900/9800 kirinsUnder900 mediteksUnderG90t are budget low performance products so it wont mix up

Teodor Cuculea says:

I was looking for this. Thank you and keep up the great work!

Mr Tee says:

Chuck them both. Very average camera performance at best. Great phones for calls and messages full stop.

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