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You guys voted, and here we are with the Realme 6 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy M31 Camera Comparison. Even with the price difference, the results are quite certainly going to make you question your choices. Or maybe not?

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Samsung Galaxy M31 vs Poco X2 vs Redmi Note 8 Pro Camera Comparison:

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Guiding Tech says:

So which is your favourite shot from the list?

Brajesh Patel says:

Bhai konsa karidna chahiye Samsung or realme me se konsa

Prakash Dutta says:

In many cases m31 is much better, sorry to say your comparison is way biased man based on other factors as mentioned in end

Sahil Parwez says:

भाई आप इंडिया मे रहते हो या इंग्लैंड मे लग रहा इंग्लैंड
से कोई पुराना नाता हैँ

Sumit Paudel says:

hello ashish, can u do a upper mid range phone comparison? flagships and non flagships? thanks

Thomas Müthing says:

The real bottom line here is how well Samsung's cheap device (Yes, it may not be cheaper than the Realme 6 Pro in most markets, but that's not the point) holds up. Samsung is a brand-name device where you pay for the huge marketing expense, but still the lower-profile Realme is not able to deliver substantially better results.

SL Show says:

Samsung galaxy M31 Vs Samsung galaxy A51 which is better? which is your choice?

hyper hardik says:

poco x2 is far far better

hyper hardik says:

realme 6 pro is lit

Nirav Ganatra says:

@ashish mundhra Camera main ek do shot k alawa Samsung acha hai. O Yes video main realme and front main to obviously Samsung in every aspect.

bipadtaran Karma kar says:

M31 best cemera no1 mobile

Puneet Singh says:

In many cases the M31 actually had better photos and the Realme had a bit blown out images.

Rohit Warkade says:

Your hindi videos are better

Chirabrata Datta says:

Poco X2 Vs Realme 6 pro Vs Redmi note 9 pro max full camera comparison kro bhai.

Vineesh M V says:

Micromax Bolt A24 has much much better camera than both of these

Mr. Tom says:

This video is so impressive for realme 6pro

Manojkumar Nayak says:

But i think and also to my surprise most of the case Samsung does better job ..

Jimmy Mokwena says:

Great video

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