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You guys voted, and here we are with the Realme 6 Pro vs Poco X2 Camera Comparison. This is a direct comparison of the Samsung GW1 sensor with the Sony IMX686 sensor, and the results are quite certainly going to make you question your choices. Or maybe not?

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Samsung Galaxy M31 vs Poco X2 vs Redmi Note 8 Pro Camera Comparison:

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Guiding Tech says:

So that was our in-depth camera comparison. Which phone do you think performed better? Let us know in the comments below!

Tuber Tamizha says:

Realme 6 pro has a live focus video shoot feature
Y u missed that to mention?

Master J son says:

Poco is much better!

Ajaj Ansari says:

Bhaiya realme. 6 pro 4g SIM chalega🐭

Lohit Das says:

You know what you don't know how a photographer see the image and what kind of image he want.
All other YouTubers said that poco has the better camera sensor in the price range. But you're saying it's not upto mark.
I'm not saying that you got paid by realme but definitely try to see the photos by the clarity, it's colour, warmness, punchy image.

Kiran Narthu says:

Bro compare realme x2 and 6pro camera

Abdur Rahman Salafi says:

Do you think we are fools just 2 min of video every image of poco is more sharper more accurate than realme and be honest you are hyping realme just bcoz mr . Madhav and team.of realme sent you the device …

Ritik Sahani says:

Poco winner h tum chutiye ho….

natwar lal Chhangani says:

Hindi me video banaya karo bhai. Har kisi ko English nhi aati

samarth agrawal says:

This man in the video doesn't even have a correct knowledge about the dynamic range, color tones, contrast levels. Etc. I don't think they have taken money from either. But they don't have proper knowledge and hence, even when poco captures a better image. He's talking about a bad dynamic range. Seriously. (imx 686), lot better dynamic range than samsung sensor.

rohit katare says:

plz using hindi

abhijit mitra says:

What about realme's wideangle front camera?!?!?!?!😑


Bik gya guiding tech 😆 Poco is the Clear winner

Taeku Boo says:

Which one should i buy? Poco x2 or realme x2 pro??

Time Pass says:

realme me 64 Samsung sensor aur Poco Sony sensor h. Fir bhi realme camera best. 6 pro gift mein paya hai na isliye.

andole anudeep says:

Almost same In 2020 war between Xiaomi and real me 🔥🔥🔥

Himanshu Grover says:

Your over enthusiasm becomes bit irritating dude.


There Was Nothing Wrong in the Video until you declared 6 pro as the winner. You should change your choices . Although Giving Rs 1000 more for less 64 gb of storage and less powered processor is not a wise choice.

Suhail M S K says:

Should I believe my eyes or his words???

palash majumder says:

Paid video….bullshit

Pandit Ji says:

Camera kitna kitna hayi nahi bata raha or bok bok kar raha hi

Mandeep Singh Randhawa says:

Poco jada better h relame se camera se bhi aur other chiz mai bhi & relame naturla na de kr bhut edit kr deta h worm kr deta poco better choices


Poco x2 winer….

Divyesh Bhayani says:

Where is the realme front wide angle image comparison?

Amr Moustafa says:

The REAL question is

Do you want punch hole left side or right side 😂😂

Manish Dehariya says:

Sidhi si baat hai jisko close to natural images pasand hai go for poco x2. Aur jise tadakti bhadakti pic pasand hai go for 6 pro.

Vinay Dhone says:

Poco hi achha hai Bhai clearly dikh raha hai

ankit pandey says:

Nice review

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