Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera Review w/ interchangeable lenses

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Checking out the new raspberry pi hq camera module with interchangeable lenses!! Testing the 12mp Sony IMX477 sensor in both image and video mode.

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Gao Yang says:

So the video bottleneck is the Pi's image processing processor…

dimitrimoonlight says:

it's like 720P.

Jarrod Coombes says:

rpi-update updates the firmware, not the kernel. Careful with that command, it it goes wrong you could end up with a bricked pi.

prototype9000 says:

Theres other camera apps that will work also

Theo B says:

How does this camera compare as a microscope compared to the old Pi camera?

Thanh Le says:

Thank for your review, I'm building a camera case for this module. Hope that it would be amazing.

Altered Exposure Image Design says:

Why are you limited to 1080p30? Is that just for HDR?
According to Sony's data sheet on the IMX477 you should be able to do 4k at 60fps and 1080p at 240fps in normal mode.
The gopros are able to do better than that as well. I'm really interested in getting one, but I already have cameras with better resolution.

GatherFaith says:

just some feedback your audio sound muffed 😛

Calvin at DrifterStudio says:

So this Sony module is small, but you can get amazing results with the earlier module from Sony using gcam. If you can get camera api2 working….this would be amazing. For now, though, just get a hero 7 and rip off the front and pop in a lens Mount.

HotSnot TaterTot says:

Can you hook this up to a long range WiFi like 2.4ghz or 5.8ghz?

blu 006 says:

raspberry pi bazooka lens when

Carlos Martinez says:

how about a project to make a camera with a small screen for the settings, 3d print camera case.

PixelSpace says:

3D Printing timelaps with octprint would be nice.

GrapSorz says:

what is the max FPS at full resolution?

Rozelle Monroe says:

Very impressive photo and video quality!

Lyndar Lehane says:

Painfully muffled audio

Fraket says:

Where can I find the EF adapter?

Herr Bert says:

Try RPi-Cam-Web-Interface to manage it.

figeluren says:

No mention on how it handles in dark situations. =/

Jim Bob says:

For the price there are better options.

Diego Martinčić says:

Actually gopro hero7 have also the sony imx477 sensor. The shield are another story

Geert Pirens says:

Since a few videos back you have a very dull sound. it looks like trebble is turning down completely.
Later in this video it sounds okay.

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