Random LAPD Body Camera Review Shocks LAPD And Launches Probe

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An officer with the Los Angeles Police Department is under investigation after his body camera allegedly caught him fondling the body of a dead woman.
STORY https://www.cnn.com/2019/12/04/us/lapd-officer-fondle-corpse/index.html


Michael Smith says:

Piglets shouldnt have the ability to turn off any type of device that is keeping them accountable.

NeverTalkToCops1 says:

Because, "I asked you nicely" fails with police officers.

Matt Brown says:

Any bets that they will only review a small percentage body camera videos even after this revelation?

Eduardo Ramirez says:

And what is new in this information???????

DJ S says:

His mother/father going too be really Proud of their son being a real pig.
Love too see the expression,on his familys face's.

Taz Man says:

They should never turn all body cams off the entire shift or audio. If so, then a minimum of ten years in prison.

jason sole says:

We all know today’s police community is a bunch of total degenerates no surprises here

Seattle Scofflaws says:

This is extremely low behavior but can’t say it surprises me. 😞

tom pala says:

His defense, it was concentual, she wasn't "resisting". I'm sure it would have wen't farther had his partner not been around.

Zephyrr Sky says:

Then arrest his ass if he did it…

Chris Hacopian says:

Obstruction of Justice and destroying evidence.

wantsanewvehicle says:

Sorry, but ..no harm done.

Darrell P says:

Perverts, cowards and liars
Trust any cop at your own peril

Michael Waxter says:

No, that behavior is completely aligned with the department.

ocsob007 says:

officers break the law every day, by violating their oath of office, which under 18 USC 1001 is a FELONY! what you will never see, is an officer charged under that statute, because the entirety of gvt would have to be prosecuted! which would disturb continuity of governance, and they can't have that, because they'd all be in prison!

jeff7807 says:

Nothing will happen to him.  Even if he gets fired, he will just get hired at some other police department in another town.  I wonder if he asked her for I.D. before he raped her, the sick fuck.

Dan Discer says:

The Police Union says "we know its very wrong and sickening, but we're going to defend this guy anyway."

Prince Bumpkin says:

There is no specific policy against sexually assaulting a corpse so he acted within policy. No problem. No charges. No discipline.

Just Stewman says:

Bet the pervert cop is still working as a cop!?!?!?

Panthro Psyched says:

No this is the Normal behaviour and values that you pigs have

joe m says:

That behavior doesn’t belong in the human race. Never mind animals don’t get sexually aroused by dead animals. This sick fuck is an absolute scumbag

Apparatchic says:

and I thought my respect for pigs couldn't sink any lower…

Scrub Lord says:

Why not design the body cams to keep running for 5 or 10 min after turning off. Or have it where it has to be docked or opened to turn it off but audio can be turned off with a 1 min delay.

ptolalibertad says:

Just checking for weapons and contraband… officer safety you know

Ken Collins says:

Makes me wonder what going on when the cameras are not on..
Not just with him, All of them!
Makes me wonder…
Makes me SICK! IT'S

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