Pruveeo Q2 dual camera dashcam unbox test review

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Picked up a new dashcam for myself but turns out that I couldn’t use it so it went into my wifes car. This Purveeo has a rear mount – night vision – camera as well so that is going to be really handy in our town of Brampton Ontario. Brampton has the highest insurance rates in Canada due to Insurance Fraud. I need a rear camera in my Toyota now.
My main issue with this is how hard it is to put the MicroSD card in and out of it. It is a pain in the ash to get at it. It’s just a bit too close to the windshield so I have to pull it off to remove or insert the card.

Amazon Pruveeo Dashcam:

Lexar 32GB microSD card:

Tested it out by recording the Canada Day Fireworks as we drove home from the movie, Wonder Woman. Awesome movie btw… go see it.

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Abuamerican Little says:

Good stuff, I was contemplating whether or not to get this, you pushed me over the edge. Thanks for the content here!

Hunter Krone says:

Thanks for the review, I drive a hatch so I was looking for a video with someone who had a hatch or something similar to see if this camera would work. This helps out a lot with decision making. Thanks a bunch.

foley2k says:

Hey, fellow Brampton resident here.
How does the camera hold up in the heat?
Thinking about ordering this on amazon.

12beemer34 says:

Excellent review! Does the screen stay on all the time (while driving) or does it go dark after a bit? I live up in Bolton but work at the airport so I travel through Brampton/Malton daily…I need a 360 degree dash cam when I travel there! LOL

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