Portrait Photography with the Hasselblad H6D-100C – Digital/Film Comparison

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This week I finally share the Behind the scenes of my shoot with Duckwrth using the Hasselblad H6D-100c.



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Helena McCormick says:

I learnt a lot from this one. Thank you!

Juan Tirve says:

this is some great documenting job in this video right here man

Cody Gibson says:

What is the film back that you used with the h6d

Hannah Cassidy Creative says:

What was the light you used?

Miranda2004 Valencia says:

Your just so talented, I love your work. I think you should have more recognition 💗

50 footshadows says:

You're such an amazing photographer. I'm a photographer too and you're one of my biggest inspirations. I love your work man…I learn a ton from each one of your videos. Godbless 🙏. Also love how you incorporate lo-fi music to all of your videos.

Sedric Acevedo says:

spotlight used?

demetri sheffield says:

you just put me on game with haze spray and the stage light I appreciate that

bye says:

are you planning on doing a q&a anytime soon? i have so many qs i wanna ask

livingquynh says:

Everything about this shoot was so beautifully executed, well done everyone involved in this!!!

Michael Fitzpatrick says:

The constant smiling is appreciated man

Uninspired says:

i absolutely love this you can see how much work everyone is putting into it, truly inspiring.

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