Polo Digital Video Camera Review, A MUST SEE Before You Buy

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DON’T buy this cheep Chinese camera!! This camera review might well save you $250! LOOK AT THIS VIDEO before you buy a Polo Camera! This camera is NOT worth the price of postage. Save yourself some headaches and watch this review before you buy! As you can tell, I am NOT a satisfied customer!

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stephen v says:

I think you need to clarify what model camera this is. The older model polo cameras used RCA output the newer ones d7200 have hdmi. Also the older polos had a 5mp sensor while the newer ones have a 13mp sensor.

Leepshin says:

This is what I expect from a review and wish more reviewers would be as thorough as this and tell it like it is. I'll be steering "well clear" of this make.

tripsadelica says:

The horrible thing is that these so and sos are charging two to four hundred dollars for this pile of….. on various sites. If anyone watching this wants to buy a cheaper camera you are better off going around to second hand shops or going on sites like Ebay to buy a used older generation Japanese camera which will probably perform many times better than this …thing!
The shaking present in the static tripod shots is the result of the video chip trying to maintain the image at the correct frame rate. It's just appalling! A Korean or Japanese camera from 2005 would probably do a far better job! D. Murphy is right! Steer clear!

Tony Traynor says:

Thanks for review

Shinde Kaur says:

Thank-you for posting this. I was looking for a DSLR camera and can't afford anything decent. I almost ordered this one, because it comes with so many accessories and is so cheap. Thank-you for stopping me and others wasting our money.

Johan Arunasalam says:

Thank you, to spend your valuable time for us to save our money

Johnno9999 says:

They still sell it, now eur 138, but your video made me rethink buying this camera, its crap….

Zortec says:

thank you for saving my money

smelly times says:

Yeah!! I bought it!! Picture purposes–GREAT!! video purposes–HELL NO!! i take pictures at a Classic Car and Truck show every 1st Saturday of the month and needed a camera to do pics and vids!! I bought this unit and EVERYTHING THE GENTLEMAN in this video is saying is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!!! the pictures came out real good AFTER EDITING!! the video worked great the first time I used it but now the audio is coming out MUFFLED? DO NOT BUY "CRAP" OFF OF "WISH" or you will WISH you didnt buy it like me!! thank you YOUTUBE for REVIEWS!!! had I thought about it beforehand as i will now do in the future I should have checked here first!!! if you want to buy this for a TEENAGER OR SMALL CHILD AS A STARTER CAMERA THEN GO FOR IT!!! BUT IT IS NOT FOR PROFESSIONAL OR ANYTHING CLOSE TO PROFESSIONAL USE!! STICK WITH YOUR CELLPHONE!!!

Info Gadgets says:

Thank you so much brother. You saved my money.

Terry says:

Thank you for your review. You saved me, the one I was looking at on Ebay was for $ 144.00, still way over priced for this one. You reminded me, you get what you pay for. So I'm going with the Nikon D3400…Thanks Again…Keep making Videos

Scottish Lass says:

Great review, but HORRIBLE camera.

Michael Wyllie says:

thanks mate…thought it was to good to be true

Mukesh Gaming says:

Camera model name

Mukesh Gaming says:

Camera have wifi

One shot hooligan says:

looks cheap

Badcat Gatomalo says:

Thank you very much. I was about to purchase this today but I really have a gut feeling about it so I searched for reviews first and luckily I found your review. I no longer buy this junk.

Derek Super Strong says:

Mandella effect

elhard says:

Thank you Sir! You saved my money!

Amaze Time says:

thanks bro 😉

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