Polaroid SNAP Touch Unboxing|Testing|Printing from Smartphone

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This is an unboxing video of Polaroid Snap Touch Instant Digital Camera. In addition to unboxing the video includes: loading of ZINK photo paper, presentation of touchscreen menu, taking photo, printing photo and printing photo from smartphone using android application.

0:00:00 – Unboxing of Polaroid Snap Touch camera and the included accessories
0:02:10 – Loading ZINK photo paper
0:02:58 – Touch screen menu presentation
0:03:32 – Capture and print photo
0:05:10 – Printing using a smartphone

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Alondra Morales says:

At Walmart it's like 74 dolars

manda panda says:

My brother got me one but it's white

Mrs Park says:

where you get that? and how much is that?👉🏻👈🏻

iRxse • says:

I have white version

manos kriti says:

What is better Polaroid 2 plus or this one .?

Aashana Gadkari says:

this is such a cool gadget to have fun with. thanks for the video. got to know how to use it and what all functions it has and also the photo print quality

Alizey Naved says:

I personally think that the instax mini 9 is the best
It’s cute
It’s useful
And it has so many accessories with it

خه مي دله کان says:

How much the price

خه مي دله کان says:

آریدمنها وین اقدر احصلها؟؟؟؟وكم السعر؟!

gendis official says:

Harganya berapa

Pixi StixToMo says:

the shutter button is ugly

Meenashi Deshmukh says:

What if we ran out of paper 😞 You know a kpop fans problems 😂😂

Anissa Putri says:

Harga nya berapa :v

Vava Tv says:

Hargaanya berapaaan

Vava Tv says:

Beli nya dimana yaaa

Diny F says:

Me: *checks the price

Me: Thank u, next

yulia safitri says:

Apa cuma gue doang orang Indonesia?

LanxForxenZpawn says:

The problem with Polaroids is that the camera is expensive… As well as taking a fucking picture.

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