Polaroid Snap Touch Instant Camera REVIEW

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A review of the Polaroid Snap Touch – a touchscreen digital camera with built-in Zink Printer.

The Polaroid snap touch can be found in stores as well as on
Amazon UK – http://amzn.to/2ojTC7X
Amazon US – http://amzn.to/2oppiaU

A few people mentioned they would like a stand-alone Zink printer for mobile phones – they do these as well http://amzn.to/2pxbUpU

You may also be interested to know that in 2014 I made a video featuring the LG portable Zink printer and the Fuji Instax Mini 90 camera. https://youtu.be/rdqO18H3lfo

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A few people are saying “bring the Muppets back”…I guess they must be new here, because subscribers will know that the comedy outros don’t feature on every video…usually they are added to one or two videos per month..whenever there is something for them to say and time allows.

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primatejunkie001 says:

Very useful demo and review, thanks!

Pleomax 124 says:

179$? I will wait until its 10$.

Stef says:

the hdr mode removes people

Thai Ina Mo says:

4:48 hello

Sofea Yusoff says:

Hi, could u do a snap touch 2 review.. No one is doing the review.. Thinking of buying it just needs more convincing review

PrivateSi says:

A device for wasters with more money than sense. As bad as those awful film cameras we used to have, probably even worse. Backwards thinking.

Draw and Color Kids TV says:

Great video ❤️❤️❤️

다웅이 says:

뭐짘ㅋㅋ 졸귀 인형

Emily peters says:

I just bought this camera off of Amazon. thank you for making this video it's is very helpful. now I'll know the pros and cons of the camera.

MolviDSLR Khan says:

whats the best instant camera print quality wise ?

Angel Cruz says:

Chad wild clay

Miles C. Anthony says:

I'm not completely disappointed, but it's certainly not as competent as I though. Definitely not as much as the original. Seems more like a fairly nice toy for teenagers.

Jayson A says:

Liverpool looks a lot like Boston Ma which makes sense.

BG Hoody says:

I'm going down to Liverpool to do nothing … okay, maybe I'll take some photos and videos.

張明玉 says:

Clicked the video for the poochy !~ he is so cute~

Marissa077 says:

Can I print photos off my phone on this device as well?

Sister Suga says:

I just got one for Christmas, and it won't turn on at all.

Exile DeadWolf says:

The minolta mn35z for $200. Its almost just as good as a dslr considering its a bridge camera

Kosh Naranek says:




Balwinder Ghuman says:

Holly you have got some Patients. Us kids with ADD couldn’t sit through that shit… lol good job again bro i love ur work, “IM A-DIC-TED”!!!!!!! 😼

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