Polaroid Snap Camera Review

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Feeling nostalgic? You may want to check out this Polaroid camera. Snap and Print in one step. Pretty cool.

Polaroid Snap Camera: http://amzn.to/2oi97ye
Polaroid Snap Touch Camera with LCD: http://amzn.to/2omfGQu

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Thomas Labrecque says:

Awesome review! Can it be powered externally while in use? We want to set it up as a photo booth for our upcoming wedding!

Raya C says:

works best in highly lit areas. low light turns out awful

Juliaflo says:

Practical in home AND business applications.

Joshua Gutierrez says:

You're a novelty

Dylan Ware says:

How do you replace the ink?
how many pictures would it take with the ink that it starts out with?

The Color of Marriage says:

Thanks for the outstanding review of this product. It has helped me to understand it better and make a wise choice if I decide to purchase one.

Jeff Whitaker says:

never explained how the photo booth option worked…

TheEpic Talon says:

How much is it?

Dj R says:

ARE U SERIOUS? you're making a review of a CAMERA but you ONLY showed ONE PHOTO . what the hell

Grace B says:

wut up, im jared, im 19, an I never f*ckin learned how to read!1!

Bobby Spain says:

How long does the battery last before it needs to be replaced.

APadOfPaper says:

Is there a way to take pictures with the camera, save them to the SD card and then print them at a later date with the camera or polaroid printer? Or is it better to buy a digital camera and use a polaroid printer later?

Le Visionarium says:

News for you: You’ve NEVER had to shake the photo for original Polaroid cameras. In fact, not only is it not necessary, but you can damage the photo, as it develops, and Polaroid has always told people NOT to do that. Shows how much you really know, or rather DON’T know.

Janet Yamashita says:

While using my Snap Touch it seems to have jammed. There is film and it is charged. How do I unjam?

J C says:

old polaroids way better

Sarah DIYs says:

The Makkah for photography?!?! That has offended me deeply.

likethepear says:

I bought this one last week instead of the touch model. I like the surprise of how the pictures will turn out. It’s closer to the original experience than the touch model.

Cam says:

Nice video. Very informative

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