Polaroid Originals One Step 2 Review! Who Is This Camera For?

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It’s finally time to talk about the One Step 2 from Polaroid Originals. Who is this camera for? Should you buy the camera? Hopefully this review will help you decide as I walk through what I like and what I don’t like about it. Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below!

Like the hat and the sweatshirt?

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Fabri Alva says:

Dude if you tell me how to get that imperial walker on your desk i will like subscribe, push the bell button and send you fanmail

Petreu says:

Seems like a great review but i closed the video after i heard "plastic lens", not interested anymore

Alexa Alexandria says:

I was wondering, do you need to buy a new film every time you have used it up? Or can you charge it? Is the charger just to charge the camera?

J M says:

Had a cell phone full of pictures, all going back to when I was 14 (22 now). Shit broke, pictures lost forever. Memories gone…

Anyway, the reason I did the instant camera is that I can have the pictures instantly.

Picked it up today at Best Buy, and I hope to put it to good use.

Evelynne Pine says:

The retro look is what you WANT. If you don’t like the way the film is instant Polaroids is not for you! I have an old trusty 1980s Polaroid One step close up 600 plus and am so happy I can use it again. After a few packs of inconsistent results it’s working fine again after 15 years!! The Onestep 2 is fun and I do love the self timer but in all honesty the old boy is still my fave! I drool over the retro look and really think about those 8 shots. That’s the whole fun of these cameras!

#1 Starlight says:

Best Buy has I-type film for 13.99… I couldn’t help my self I bought like 5 packs😂

sign543 says:

I bought the Stranger Things upside down version. First Polaroid I’ve owned since the early 90s…and shooting these photos is such a fun and creative foray from my 8+ camera. I’m not using it for clear, HD photos…but for the aesthetic of retro instant photography. Such fun.

dcarsondavis says:

600 film is $18.99 on Polaroid Orgs site. 8 shots per. That's $2.30 per image.

I love the idea, but I can't afford that.

wisewing says:

Culture Abuse

Photography For Non-Photographers says:

Hi Matt – the new Polaroid 600 film, does it fit into the Polaroid backs for the Mamyia RB 67?

JayJayBeats says:

Definetly this was the best video i watched about that polaroid.

Gabriela Lamberti says:

I like the double exposure trick. I wish the lens was not plastic.

saremus says:

The specs in the sky are UFOs obviously 😛

Amina says:

My camera is charged and everything but my lens is remaining closed 🙁
How do I open it?

nicknwo4life says:

It's something I want to like but the price & size of the camera and the price of the film it just seems easier and less expensive to take better quality photos with my phone and either print them at home or use a coupon and print them for nearly nothing at Walgreens but I do like the nostalgia look of the One Step 2 brings back memories.

jesikebiking says:

I too found the Impossible film underexposed and the green cast inside and flash I now use the new Polaroid I saw

Tzaphkiel Melekiyah says:

What camera do you use for your youtube videos like this also what editing program?

Sean Denney says:

That film price is crazy for 16 photos. 30$?????

shalise Alphonse says:

great video am newbie to taking pictures i would need it for my business. i do photo-cut-out-boards and i would like to do instant photos for customers . with you review i gathered it would be just fine as a start up.
if you have another Polaroid in mind suited for my business please let me know

Danish S says:

Does the onestep 2 have bluetooth or was that just a onestep original thing?

Dawn Toliver says:

Great video. Lots of good info. My pics turn out too dark. Any suggestions?

Youtube User says:

If I take a picture in a sunny day do I still keep the Flashlight on?

Jacquelyn Ray says:

I have this camera and my prints look like crap just a fyi

Ham Garcia says:

This dude thinks you should be getting expert shots out of this. If your buying a camera like this in 2018 you are doing it to get that vintage aesthetic look

Aaron Poon says:

The Polaroid film is just way too expensive to play

Sub Guy says:

Does doing a multiple exposure shot throw off the LED counter? Also, why is the company called Polaroid Originals instead of just Polaroid?

Tim Berghoff says:

What I would love Polaroid to do is bring back pack film. I know they won’t. But one can dream…..
(And yes, I know about that Kickstarter Project the guys from Vienna are running right now).

Fernanda Sz says:

are the prints a square or the size of the instax wide?

David Kelly Films says:

those dots are cool just to let you know. I mean, I understand if you want to be professional, but still…

ZZ430T56 says:

This is ridiculous.

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