Polaroid Instant Print Digital Camera Z2300 Review

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Buy it here: http://amzn.to/1ljJSZp (This is an Amazon Affiliate link)
My review of the Polaroid Instant Print camera that I received at a huge discount from iLoveToReview.
It’s really really cool!
You can check out this review on my site here if you’re interested: http://www.testerreviews.com/electronics/polaroid-z2300b-instant-print-digital-camera-review

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brittany melton says:

Which type of sd card did you use ? Please answer asap

VoldemartVarsity says:

Does anyone know if you can change the quality of the photo? (ex. sepia, black and white, etc)

Oisterboy says:

Any option to add a border?

mal0316 says:

Hey, I was wondering if with this camera you can choose which pictures to print and which to just save on the sd card?

Aliciya says:

How do you delete photos?

CheL Sanchez says:

How long the battery last???

HeyyItsDede says:

Do you have to keep going and getting ink and stuff for the camera since its printing the pictures you take? Wont it run out of ink eventually?

ryan rodriguez says:

I assume you cant import a picture to the sd card to the camera for printing right? :/

Gaby Marie says:

do you know how to fix the camera when it wont turn on? my camera wont charge/turn on. it turn on when I first got it it worked and every thing but I haven't used it in about a year. Do you know how I can use it again?

jenny says:

can you share the photos to social media?

Josiah Blackmore says:

Can you write on the back of the photo?

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