Polarioid Snap Instant Digital Camera Unboxing and Review!

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Shake it, shake it, shake it like a Polaroid picture!
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Balrajda savage says:

Wow I could watch in 1440p

Mickey Licea says:

Quality of the picture in this camera not good don't waste your money

Mary Katambi says:

Please what model is that?

Mary Katambi says:

How can I take selfies with it?

Douglas Ware says:

You should have waited for the paper before you posted this, that's 1:25 I'll never get back, it was a good watch until then though 🙂

Merlin-BrawlStars says:

I have the Polaroid Instax 9

Cookie Sings says:

The box is to add a border

ghost killer says:

i got the same one

vicky vick says:

go to 3:45 if you want to skip the intro and stuff and see the camera

Carlos Garcia says:

You didn't show how to load the film

Bilal YEDRI says:

Zoom the photo you stupid shit!

Laura TheLlama says:

How do you attach the strap… mine didn’t come with directions 🙄

D Jacobsen says:

What IDIOT thinks it's ok to shake the camera

DFilming says:

"Awesome lil toy" Omg😂😂

IntelPentium says:

Damn the levels of soy are at an exceptional level here


Can you make videos on them

Jonathan Xaiver says:

I'm a guy is it weird that I want one ? 😂💀

mananiko’s Channel says:

Hi he said: i dont have sd card :/ does camera really need sd card?

hana wa11ak says:

I need this.

toysgowild says:

Sorry but you talk a lot of shit! Show the fucking product!

The Joker says:

You know that rainbow box included that had the foam in it……. It seemed like a missed opportunity to put the little picture papers in it!!!!!!!

Two Zeta says:

There's the better version which is the Touch version, but now is way too expensive in comparison

CharChartheCharmeleonYT says:


Laura The Koala says:

I mightbe getting this camera

Missy McWeaver says:

Is there a link to cheap zinc paper?

Keilin M says:

Do u have to buy the little paper things like the poloraoids

my cup of tea says:

I prefer instax minis or wides

Bianca mcgill says:

I want one 🤗

Rafael Jimenez says:

Wannabe unbox therapy 😂

Yannick W. says:

How many papers can you fit in at once ?

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