Point and shoot camera vs smartphone with sample shots

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Not East says:

Bhai Video/photo depends mainly on Sensor:Larger the sensor,the better low light perfomance & colour production. atleast 1"inch sensor hona chahiye accha video or photo k liye.. Compact camera Sony RX100 series(21k price) has 1 inch sensor size. Low price compact cameras have lower sensor thats video quality suck!
costly smartphones has micro(less than 1inch sensor)though price is too much. on that price you can have mind blowing video quality from compact cameras..

No Curtains SD says:

Very good video which tells difference between PnS and Smartphone photography and video shooting.
Can you please tell me which is the best Point and shoot camera below 8,000 rs

surya singh says:

bhi mera same camera ha baar baar likhta ha battery exhausted

RadioRich100 says:

What the fuck is she saying?

anil bhatt says:

Apke PS Nikon coopix h
Agr me Isse toda aur upr range k camera purchase kru like canon ya Sony ke…to aur better quality Milenge ya difference bohut hi minute rhega

Ramnunsangi Chhakchhuak says:

your intro is too long

Aditya Studio shivar says:

One day you will be at top

Aditya Studio shivar says:

I appreciate you work

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