Point and Shoot Camera Vs Smartphone | Which is Better at Budget?

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Point And Shoot Camera vs Smartphone Camera, which is better at Budget let’s find out in this video. You will be surprised by the results so watch the full video.


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Rahul Shinde says:

Bro you are right but optical zoom and better control on iso makes point and shoot better, and due to the xenon flash point and shoot take better picture in dark places
And point and shoot have wide range of aperture which is automatic and some recent point and shoot there is image stabilization
If you capture images in manual you would get better result
Have a good day😊😊😊

Siddhartha Singh says:

Point and shoot camera is better then smartphone. When you view photo on smartphone it looks better then Point and shoot camera but you should know that smart phone screen have a way better resolution then point and shoot camera. Also in smartphone there is a huge lose of details and actual colours. Smartphone does not show actual images and it create artificial beauty in photos just for example girls like Oppo Vivo and MI smartphone very much because they does not show actual photo. These camera create some changes so that a persons face could look innocent and beautiful. However that is not the case when you shoot a photo with point and shoot camera.

Creator Hrishi says:

Hello brother
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Abhilash says:

Smartphone me optical zoom nahi hota.
Agar koi trip me jaate ho toh Point and shoot jyada kaam aata hai.
Mere paas 8 saal purana sony cybershot hai.
Image quality phone camera se kai behtar hai lekin ek kami hai manual focus ki

Random Fandom says:

English title but trash video! Speak english! 👎

romeo cruz says:

Point and shot is powerful than smartphone even the latest phone

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