Point and Shoot camera for kids? Fujifilm FinePix XP120

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We may have found the perfect point and shoot camera for kids, the Fujifilm FinePix XP120. For my Son’s 5th birthday, we surprised him with his first camera. Review to follow.

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Samantha Correia says:

Love your videos

The Beanie Bunch says:

He is so cute! My son just turned 5 too. I think he likes the camera!

Joe Brooks says:

I got my daughter the same one, and she loves it!

Howie Coro says:

Hahaha that’s great! He’s already doing selfies

Kyle Hartman says:

So… My birthday is June 7 😂🔥🎥

Susan Daniel says:

awesome Happy Birthday !!!!!

Burke Cullinane says:

So awesome! Happy Birthday, buddy!

The Fisch Family Adventure says:

I didn’t watch yet but happy bday to your son!! My son is only three month older then yours. That camera is pretty good I have the older model from bought from Costco and my son uses it time to time and likes it. Best part it’s shock and water proof. I’m sure my son will figure out a way to break it haha! Enjoy

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