Poco X2 vs Realme X2 vs Poco F1 – blind camera comparison

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#PocoX2 is here and so is the IMX 686 along with it. Here’s a blind camera comparison video for you to check the cameras against the #RealmeX2 and the #PocoF1

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Sidharth Chauhan says:

Sony sensor best 📷 sensor….

Sadananda Chaudhury says:

My guess was right..bcoz A and B were having the same colour processing, background blurring and skin tones, so C was the odd one out and it was realme. Then between A and B, B had more details, dynamic range and sometimes even better colours than A, so B was IMX686 or Poco X2 and A was Poco F1 or IMX 363.


Poco f1 still best , just pixels are less than left these phones

Kushal Panjabi says:

I felt the B was the best. A came second. C came last.

coc with vivek says:

I choose B and in every moment poco X2 is best

Varinderjit Singh says:

Poco x2 👎 Realme x2 💗

Avadhesh Chaudhary Chaudhary says:

B is clear winner

Nishant Bajpai says:

B hits the home run in most of the situations .. poco X2 !!
Surprisingly poco F1 performed better than realme X2

Sunil Kumar Panda says:

Poco X2 just destroyed Realme X2

Akashdeep Dalhor says:

Mine was correct

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