Poco X2 vs iPhone 11 Pro Max Camera Comparison – Including GCam Samples and Poco X2 Giveaway

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RevAtlas says:

Poco X2 Giveaway 🔥🔥🔥

Enter the Giveaway Here – https://sweepwidget.com/view/1422-hm7c9lgw


Realme U1 selfie camera v/s POCO X2 selfie camera

Arvind Raghavan says:

I guess it's too early for gcam samples to be compared
But no doubts nowadays midrangers are providing better cameras and good software with it

Harish Kumar Vamshi says:

64mp camera
120hz display
Punch hole camera

Sandeep Roy says:

All phones are ..Best ..

Guilherme Santana says:

Xiaomi bota a Apple para mamar

Mr. Zulfi says:

Which is best camera mobile under 30k price range..
Especially for Insta pics and vlogs.. 😋

Vishal Giri says:

Awesome comparison team!!

sidhant reddy says:

Guess you're the only one, who have gone so far, for this Superb comparison. Just Amazing. It's really great to see such mid-range devices are giving neck to neck fight to the hyped flagships ! 🔥🔥

sajad ahmad says:

I just nailed it

Light R says:

For the quarter of iPhone prize Poco X2 offers exceptional cameras.

Jaimin Vachhani says:

please realme x2 and iphone 11 pro max camera comperision plz

Sonu Patel says:

After watching this video
Apple be like:are u kidding me 😂😂😂

Anmol Johri says:

Pro comparison bro
Only Revatlas can do the impossible 🤙

Abdul Qadir says:

U comes with with always surprise

Phynix72 : says:

When it comes to camera reviews, what i do !!!-
Revatlas 1080p

😂😩😁 & 😇

Ajay Singh says:

Wow nice mobile bro👍

DJ Sphere says:

Anyone with poco X2 please reply. Reviews are saying that its battery drain very fast is this issue with everyone?

Anup Raila says:

5:28 I would have been better if you talked about blown highlights in potrait shot

FB Kensar HD says:

@03:51 – Wow! A SEIKO clock.
Is it a sweeping seconds hand model?

Him Upadhyay says:

Damn never thought poco X2 would come this close.

Amazing Videos says:

Good free music subscription

saurabh muneshwar says:

3:44 where is shadow of hours ear in poco x2 pic

Biswajit Puri says:

#POCOX2 I like it

nabhi shah says:

Dont fall for this video , and expect flagship level cameras on poco. Poco has the best is 20 _25k.
But iphone is apraised by more trusted foreign youtubers

FB Kensar HD says:

Rofl.. comparing crap with x2 🤣

Carpie Dim says:

Best video ever 🔥❤


Poco x2 is awesome

TechIndia says:

Accho hai video 😜😊🤪

subhash chourasia says:

Really thanks for including gcam in the comparison 😊😇

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