Poco X2 vs iPhone 11 Pro camera comparison – budget vs flagship just for fun

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This is a fun experiment. We don’t intend to prove that the Poco X2 is better than the iPhone 11 Pro. But, if it does turn out to be that way then that’s going to be an interesting result. Isn’t it?


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Editor: Nitesh


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amar nanwani says:

Why poco x2 appears much better than iphone 11pro

Biku Mazumder says:

Tabhi to kahte he chutiye youtuber


Poco x2 vs Redmi k20 full comparison video please!!!😟

Pokemon Champion says:

first tech4mob and now you comparing xiaomi brand phone with iphone, I actually think it's promotion of xiaomi phones

prasad gavanang says:

Try it on Mi Note 10 with iPhone

Piyush Kumar says:

I phone king is king always

Kamran shaikh says:

Compare poco X2 gcam vs iPhone 11

Gaming With Asif says:

Poco X2 has a sort of cameras As I think most of Pictures seems eye catchy as compared to Iphone only the Colour correction in poco has some issues but After the Software updates I Am dmn Sure that Poco is going to give a tough competition to the Flagships…Moreover Poco costs 20% of iphone …I can prefer to go For Poco Rather than 11 Pro…

Him Upadhyay says:

Poco x2 did it! Never thought it would come this close with the phone 5 times higher price than it.

Sandesh Sawant says:

Hahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

krishna kalyan says:

Redmi: As usual artificial blaw blaw sharpness,artificial oil paint colours
Iphone:100% natural colours, natural skin tone,true life natural sharpness

Rafi says:

Good one Ershad Bhai.. I love the fact you took such an interesting topic and show cased how good Poco X2 is ..

Niraj Sharma says:

That was really fun!

Dipak Suthar says:

Poco X2 is much better than hike of iPhone

Harshal Shahu says:

iPhones are overrated

Deepjyoti Ghosh says:

Someone took bad photos

Harshal Shahu says:

And you didn't do a video recording comparison 🙄

Saurav Verma says:

I was never a fan of Apple, until I bought iPhone 11. Not pro.

I must say, no Chinese phone phone, including Oneplus can ever come at par with Apple product in Quality. I have used Android Flagships for 10 yrs.

Rohan Srivastava says:

The POCO x2's camera is at least 80% as good as the iPhone 11 Pro while costing just 20% of 11 Pro

Manish Sinsinwar says:

What about video comparison🤔🤔

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