PlayStation 4 Camera (2019) Unboxing and Setup! (How to Setup PS4 Camera)

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PlayStation Camera (2019) Unboxing and Setup!

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Yahma says:

New vid plz

GamingBoy 845 says:

What is the other eye for


I appreciate it what's your GT for PS4

Craze_Goobington says:

Nice I just got mine it's awesome I'm gonna stream with it and stuff its worth it's price 👌

reaper xd scrubbs says:

This was so helpful

J AQUA says:

Is this only for live streaming or i works when i double tap the share button


I'm your 500 sub

Mad Matt says:

Thank you so much it helps alot

Magnify says:

We ovs know to open it 😂✌🏼

Icepick114 _ says:

U fucking suck at telling peaople

Kenneth Edwards says:

We re do you get it from

Ace Diego says:

Would i be able to change the direction of the camera to show my controller ? Or to point down ? Like for example mrsavage camera ?

JulianGamingYT says:

Thanks now I can have a camera for my videos

Ja Botch says:

Love your vids

Gacha Azgari says:

If you get one with the VR can you use that one? Awnser me

wAvEsHoCker says:

Can u make a regular video with this . But not just a atream

SnivyLink says:

How long is the cord

WpAlex says:

Or can it film like mousecam

WpAlex says:

Does it only have to film your face?

What a Beast Gaming says:

Does it take the spot where the optic cable for the headset plugs in the back of the ps4?

YungShawnz says:

Can u use it in a regular video not a live stream

Zippysnail says:

Can u use a different webcam like microsoft or logitech???

MagicJaycee says:

You kinda remind me of Tom Hardy.

Italian Deli says:

Is it used for playroom

jesstreams says:

Anyone know how to set this up in SLOBS?

marley tooke says:

Can u stream with this

JohnieBeGood12 says:

Great Video I Subscribe


Dude I just subbed! Damn you need more subs! Such awesome review! I need one of these being my PS3 camera don't work with 4

Zues Burst says:

Ok then, my YouTube channel will be ready soon

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