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Which Budget Phone has the Best CAMERA? I put the Google Pixel 4A vs iPhone SE and OnePlus Nord to the test, comparing photos, videos, selfies & night shots!
Pixel 4a – Amazon US: https://amzn.to/2XpDNzV l UK: [TBC]
iPhone SE – Amazon US: https://amzn.to/3i4GZsM l UK: https://amzn.to/2Dx2J1c
OP Nord – Amazon US: [TBC] l UK: https://amzn.to/3i3VP2w

Big thanks to Sarah for putting up with me while filming this!

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The Tech Chap says:

Hey Chaps – which do you think has the best camera? (4a or SE or Nord).

2:05 Words are hard 😂

Paresh Pandey says:


Father of Putin says:

I prefer Pixel 4a, Great Angle, Great Sharper, More detail, Great Color balance.

Evgen H says:

1+ crap camera

sk maseehullah says:

pixel is best photo cam , iphone best video cam and rog is best performance (gaming) phone. END OF DISCUSSION.

Rennie Ash says:

The 4a seems just about as good as the regular 4, minus a tele lens. The video is surprisingly nice

Meshack Rono says:

Pixel 4A has the best camera

Biswajit Baruah says:

From the comparison, I feel the pixel 4a gives the most accurate color over a wide range of lighting situations!!

Rennie Ash says:

2:04 "The Nord and One Plus tie for second place" lol

Tech - Hack says:

Pixel 4 : natural
iPhone : Punchy
NORD : cool Blue🌡️saturation

Lucurous says:

That night sky photo on pixel is beautiful.

Thakar Parth says:

I hope available in India


bro do a comparision of new samsung galaxy m31s!

Astha Shah says:

One plus has more saturated colors

Ian R. Gordon says:

My immediate thought when the video loaded was that the iPhone had more true to life colors… but over some of the focusing, it seemed softer compared to the Pixel, like Google wanted the images to be sharp and "detailed"… the Nord just seemed oversaturated.

Marco Filimon says:

This is a good video, if you only care about the camera. But if you dont , which will you choose ? Nord or Pixel ?

Gerald G says:

SE for videos

Nord for regular photos, especially the wide camera shots

Pixel for dark photos and videos

Overall, I'd go for the Nord.

Binit Saha says:

Pixel 4a obvio , no doubts

Aung min thu says:

VeryGood iphone Se -2020

Claudia Bailey says:

Can I ask why you British reviewers also say the price in Dollars?

Light Yagami says:

Iphone for the video
Pixel is all rounder

Ollie Tee says:

Try uploading an instagram story and you'll see that everything is optimised towards IOS…

Lester says:

I'm no expert but I like the more natural look in Pixel 4a's photos and videos.

Jose Peralta says:

iPhone SE for me

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