Pixel 4a vs iPhone SE 2: Camera Test Comparison!

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Will the Google Pixel 4a or iPhone SE (2020) feature the BEST budget smartphone camera for this year? In this video we shoot side-by-side comparisons and sample footage and photos, which one do you think is the winner? (Huge thanks to Google sending me the Pixel 4a.)

Pixel 4a: https://amzn.to/2PsKyg0

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0:00 Intro
0:35 Front facing video & audio test
1:45 Selfie photos & portrait mode
2:31 Rear camera daytime photos
3:43 Low-light/nighttime photos
4:03 Rear video 4K
5:03 Auto-focus
5:15 Rear camera 1080p
5:39 Slow-motion, 120fps & 240fps
5:54 Low light video
6:23 Conclusion

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Mark Binder says:

Looks like Google up'ed their game on the video recording. The sound quality as well as video stablilzation was MUCH better on the Pixel 4a at 0:40 compared to the iPhone at 0:37, however I will agree the iPhone maintained more clarity (t-shirt). However when it comes to the still images, hands down, Pixel wins, not even a contest in my opinion. When it comes to consideration of which to buy though, there are a few more things to consider. The Pixel has a larger, higher resolution OLED display, better battery life, better RAM management (6GB vs 3GB), faster WiFi speeds, a headphone jack, lighter weight and costs $50 less ($100 less if iPhone SE has 128GBs storage). FYI, the Pixel 4a is already sold out on Amazon.

Aron Rex says:

Pixel shoots photos with high dynamic range and doesn't look like it's a flat image. It doesn't over saturate or over smoothens like other phones does. The photos look so natural. πŸŒΏπŸƒβ€

Lara Slattery says:

Thanks for the mentioning the overheating. I will have to pass just on that alone. Im in Oz, and 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32 degrees Celsius) is around average temps for summer in Sydney.

Datun Center says:

Getting the Pixel

Marcia Antonia Garcia Leao says:

Pixel the BEST

Navneet Prasad says:

"No extra useless cameras" finally someone being honest about this camera craziness…

Ion Silvan says:

I tought you have different t-shirt

Flowerhorn Goldenbase says:

Why did I not know about this Pixel 4a? 😭😭😭 I just bought my Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro and now I regret it πŸ˜“

Abe Sa says:

Pixel allday

Keith Edwin Smith says:

I have a 1st gen SE and a macbook and iPad so I’m thinking of getting a 2nd gen SE to keep the compatibilty going – but if I were going down the Android route I’d definitely go for the Pixel 4a as it is a bargain at that price.

Pandiya s says:

This is the best camera comparison video

Isaiah Rice says:

Google pixal 4a won

Michael Deselnicu says:

THANK YOU: all these tech reviewers compare the 2 phones as if they were priced 349$ to 399$ but in reality it's 349$ to 449$ to match the storage! Also great video, I love the format especially the comparison of the two phones side by side!

dxtortion says:

what resolution and frame rate is best to shoot in on the iphone se2?

Gitanjali Mule says:

Honestly I liked Pixel 4a . I mean I can get a lot and sometimes better features than iPhone se 2 without paying extra 100 bucks .

IMHO says:

iPhone has no HDR in selfie camera and night mode. comparison is useless.

Rednom Bankai says:

SE is wonderful I should have it

gopal samy says:

Awsome buddy . ..

Jessie Birax says:

Note20 ultra review please

Angultra says:

iPhone SE has a screen from 2014, Pixel looks nice and modern.

Sihle Dlamini says:

Hi sir can I please have your DJI Spark fly more combo if you have one

Tanvir al haque says:

Bro you look better when you don't wave your hand when talkingπŸ€”

Vivek Dhas says:

love from indiaπŸ”₯

Vishwas Ravindran says:

This guy is faking the audio quality test for iPhone se 2020. I have the same phone as well and it doesn't record audio too low as showed in the video unless he is paid by Google's PR team just to showoff pixel being superior.

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