Pixel 4a vs Galaxy S20 vs iPhone 11Pro: Camera Test Comparison!

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Can the $350 Google Pixel 4a compete against the expensive flagships, Galaxy S20 and iPhone 11 Pro both at $1,000+! In my camera comparison, the budget friendly Pixel 4a performs incredibly well and I’m very impressed with the results! (Huge thanks to Google sending me the Pixel 4a.)

Pixel 4a: https://amzn.to/2PsKyg0

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0:00 Intro & pricing
0:32 4a vs S20 Front video & audio test
1:45 4a vs S20 Selfie photos & portrait mode
2:22 4a vs S20 Rear daytime photos
3:29 4a vs S20 Night photos
4:02 4a vs S20 Rear 4k video
4:26 4a vs iPhone Front video & audio
5:11 4a vs iPhone Selfie photos & portrait
5:34 4a vs iPhone Rear daytime photos
6:25 4a vs iPhone Rear 4K video
7:25 Slow motion
7:35 Low light video
8:03 Conclusion

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Joseph Cullen says:

I agree about the iphone 11 for dynamic range in video. It’s the reason i chose to buy it. To be fair, for some subjects the dynamic range is a little too artificial looking on textures and details, but i like being able to capture as much of what’s in the frame as possible, regardless of exposure. The latest phones from a few brands are nearly as good, but the iphone still has a slight edge

Liirachu Joe Joe says:

One of the best phone reviewer

Andre Arthur says:

Am I the only one that can't notice audio differences? I guess I'm just not an expert at that lol

Harjot Singh says:

Pixel rocks😍😍😍😍😍

momo simo says:

samsung best

momo simo says:

lg velvet test thank you

عالم تاليا للاعشاب الطبية والمنوعات says:

New friend like

lepra87 says:

Is it the Galaxy S20 Exynos or Qualcomm version?

Stewart Bowie says:

Even though I have a Samsung galaxy S20 myself I would be more than happy with the pixel that's for sure. Samsung and Apple are ripping us off now on flagship phones. Especially when you see this and some of the Xiaomi and one plus phones

Chief Apple Troll Mike says:

Looks like the pixel 4a is the best around phone now

Blake Mullins says:

Google should easily be on top with all there tech I do like pixel but I just don’t like the design but I’m an isheep as they say so I couldn’t give a f*** about Samsung phones lol

Tyone Field says:

You must be a creep going around taking pictures of people in random things which is mean stocker

karthik c.k. says:

Can you compare pixel 4a with gcam mod on OnePlus? Thinking if it's worth upgrading from OP7t to pixel 4a

Mr. HeavyDebater says:

Yeah didn't expect much from the Pixel 4a, picture quality were all soft. I bet the bokeh isn't accurate around the subject area.

Mike P says:

Pixel 4a totally my next phone!! Love it and great all around experience (the best in android world)!!

magen Primo says:

Digital for digital, why nobody compare the optical ultra wide angle lens from other phones with the "squared panorama" function on the pixel's gcam? Why? On the pixels is possible to do ultra wide shots, they are 9 pics for 1 but because is valid the "ultra digital zoom" should be valid the "squared panorama" function. Avoiding that information is like to admit that with the pixel you can zoom but can't do ultra wide pics. i know is not easy like the zoom, but is still something.

Foreza says:

Hello, please XR vs SE 2020

David Martrano says:

Late or not the 4a's camera 🤔 keeps up with the top 🐕' s for only 349.00 buck-a-roos, not too shabby?

Ba Thinh Tran says:

Photo: Pixel > 11 pro > s20
Video: 11 pro > s20 > pixel
So in overal: 11 pro > pixel > s20

QugelBlitz says:

Imagine if Google started using hardware like Samsung…

Mari B. says:

I had to see this video several times and sometimes stop or slow it down. I'm shocked by the extremely high quality of Google Pixel 4a. how much of it offers for its price. It's amazing. I want that phone.

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