Pixel 4a review: Impressive camera and a battery that beats the iPhone SE

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Google’s $350 Pixel 4a has one of the best cameras for its price.

Read CNET’s full review https://cnet.co/2PdDEuM.

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Øystein says:

Pixels are so boooring 🙁 I wish they justy made a phone people actually want instead just a phone just a few people want. Mostly fans.
If it had any less than 128GB base storage it would be sad. The 64GB option should be dead atleast 3 years ago. Atleast for phones that don't even have a memory card option!

taylor1038 says:

Google does great with budget phones. I look at the gimicky features on the Pixel 4 like the half-baked radar sensor, not always 90HZ screen, telephoto secondary instead of ultrawide, and HUGE forehead/chin and think there is no reason to 'upgrade'. Plus this has much better battery life for half the price. It's no contest, save your money.

Ranga says:

Thank god no ugly bezels like iphone se

Nikolaj Jensen says:

Great phone, now plz Google release the phone in all EU countries!

Salim X says:

I wanted a white 4a, its so strange to make only one colour!

Kelby Johansen says:

Should I replace the shattered screen on my pixel 2, or buy a pixel 4a?

Tamara Girodie says:

Honestly I really love the idea of a smaller plastic phone, because I don’t feel the need to use a case! With that Gorilla Glass 3 though, I’ll definitely be using a screen protector

Lone Noro says:

I was suppose to see the whole video but as soon as you called SE budget phone i didn't wanted to se so bye

P4boot says:

The headphone Jack makes the phone worth every penny.

my_youtube_channel says:

everyone i know uses a case for the phone. So it doesnt matter if its metal or plastic. I just dont get why ppl are obsessed abt it

山本言 says:

just looks cheap

Slim shady 1999 says:

The iPhone se packs some specs that the iPhone 11 Pro and pro max have

Rob Oo says:

I hate it how so many reviewers say something like "for the price, it is the best camera." I want to know if it is a good camera, not at what price point, but if it is a good camera at all.

Arthur Robles says:

Rummaging through a bunch of 4a reviews (it's having its big debut today).. all seem positive, but are these all just preview reviews? Will the real reviews be out after a few months and many people have already bought one. Should there be a waiting period before I run out and get one?

JackInTheHouse says:

she must be living in Oakland…

malcontent says:

Nice images of Lake Merritt in Oakland

ZuluTangoFoxTrot says:

Marketing and hype 101: use buzz words and clickbait captions like "impressive, jaw-dropping" and more to seduce consumers or readers.
Good luck trying to find accessories for your Google devices which typically go on clearance a few months after launch.

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