Pixel 4 XL vs iPhone 11 Pro CAMERA Test Comparison

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Two of the top smartphone camera’s out right now, which one is best? The Google Pixel 4 XL vs iPhone 11 Pro; I compare HDR photos, night mode (Astrophotography, impressive results!), 4K30 video, stabilization and audio test, and more. Huge thanks to Google for sending me the #Pixel4XL

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hakim حكيم channel says:

good comparison, thank you, more camera comparisons please

Easy Life Technology says:

Hey bro please make a video about Google pixel 4 insane zooming super resolution

Nigel Uno says:

why did you miss the portrait mode comparison lol

Nhóc Bi says:

Iphone better video

Reda Bell says:

I wanna see between the Samsung s10+ note 10 and iPhone 11 pro
I bet Samsung would be better as seen in markes blind test

Bearded Bro says:

Portrait mode on the pixel 4 will blow away the iPhone Everytime. Objects and people. Landscape is subjective and I think Samsung takes that one but other than that why shoot anything other than portraits?

Jereth yew says:

I want the I phone 11😫😭

Brown Berry says:

I prefer the one in my hand

Josh Bonner says:

iPhone 11 Pro is the better camer! I hate night sight on the pixel 4! Pixel 4s night is too much

Dad Verb says:

Nice comparison man. Such subtle differences but as a video guy, I gotta lean iPhone. Keep up the great work.

SSaini says:

Smart HDR is incredible, only complaint is the white balance on the iPhone. Video quality is in another league

Drew Hall says:

You get way more bang for your buck when you get the iPhone 11 over the pixel 4 I mean I have the iPhone 11 and I cannot believe how good the battery life is on this phone the video quality is absolutely amazing and the picture quality is great too I left the Google pixel 3A to get the iPhone 11 there are some things I miss about the pixel but overall I’m getting more with the iPhone 11 but if I only had $400 And didn’t have enough to get a $600 iPhone XR or the iPhone 11 then the pixel 3A is an amazing choice

Twin 2ube says:

Wow that's a pretty good comparison, the difference is little but at the same time quite big👍 Good video Ben!

Baking Sweet Hope says:

IPhone 11 Pro heads above in these samples.

Vladas Simkunas says:

iphone better this year. thank you for comparison

DarkStoneCastle says:

I'd take the Iphone 11 over the Pixel 4 XL.

Hugo Mendes says:

Great review, as always! As you said, both really amazing, but from your samples I liked iPhone a little bit more. By the way, that Astrophotography mode is really interesting, it will be great to continue to see some improvements on that area.

Naggy says:

Even if the pixel 4 were better it still would suck compared to the iphone because it’s a worse phone in many other areas

Muchtoobizy says:

Hey Ben, I really enjoy your straight-to-the-point reviews.
However I’d personally prefer it if you devoted a greater percentage of your reviews to still photography. You’re leaving out too many still photography comparisons.

DarkStoneCastle says:

I'm waiting on the Galaxy 11, myself.


Iphone wins.

Films worlds says:

Where is Portrait mode?

SunsyloFitness says:

I like the iPhone 11 quality way better ✌🏽

Amp Music says:

Love your reviews an videos more then the others truly in detail an honest review you don't seem like most YouTubers who are paid minion's

Josh Mariotti says:

Nice Vid so far!!

Foot 24 says:

Nice comparaison

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