Pixel 4 vs OnePlus 7 Pro camera comparison

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Our Pixel 4 camera comparison series continues with a Pixel 4 versus OnePlus 7 Pro match up. This camera comparison will show you how the pixel 4 and OnePlus 7 Pro compare when using their cameras in a variety of different settings.

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Dionel Rodriguez says:

Even in the slight "advantage" of the Pixel beign a 1.7f vs the 2.0f One Plus Pro when you apply a filter or try to make edits the the photo you take, the One Plus 7pro 48megapixels allows you to do way more. The Pixel photos are very muddy.

Michał Smyk says:

Pixel 4 just smashed OP in camera department.

Tony DiMarzio says:

Look, the OP7 is a great phone, with excellent value. Unfortunately, its camera is barely S10/Note10 quality and, as made painfully obvious in this video, is definitely not in the same league as the Pixel 4 and the iPhone 11. As much as everyone is hating on the P4, it clearly has a flagship camera.

Ed Cheong says:

Quite impressed how OnePlus has improved in their cameras, keep up the good work OnePlus!

Mark Baines says:

I've no idea why OnePlus still hasn't fixed the camera processing. Everything is so much softer, blurry compared to the Pixel. On Reddit many 7 Pro users will tell you how great their camera is. They haven't seen your video evidently!

Sleip says:

Pixel wins, much better low light pictures.

Random User says:

You recorded the videos on OnePlus at 60fps and 30fps on the pixel 4 and then you're complaining how it's darker on the OnePlus.
Cmmon' man!

e10rice says:

Absolutely shocked at the poor picture quality of the 7 Pro. Even the ones that weren't blurry appered to very "soft". The Pixel hands down wins this but I'm really surprised how poorly the 7 Pro did.

Project Z says:

Google Pixel is a DSLR in the world of smartphones

Kevin M. says:

I like the video, I feel like it's a true representation of just going out and using the cameras normally as an "average person who just pulls out the phone for a quick snap or video". Lighting isn't always optimum, sometimes people get blurry pictures, etc. I own Pixel 4 XL and am very happy with my purchase. I think both phones are great purchases (phones) however I clearly made my choice of which I prefer more. 👍 #Teampixel

Manoj Cecil says:

I felt watching this video few one plus pics clicked blurry deliberately..or sir wants to finish the video quickly…I follow the channel..and I like the videos as it looks genuine but this time…no I may be wrong..just my opinion but I like urs previous videos..

Michał Smyk says:

Nice comparison. Good job. Like your videos.

mohammd saber says:

I love pixel 4 xl davice but the one plus actually its amazing also 🌹

eagle horn says:

Oneplus going on top

Ikhsanji Vinsmoke says:

Team Pixel ✋🏼✋🏼✋🏼

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