Pixel 4 vs iPhone 11 Pro camera comparison: Night sight vs night mode, autofocus vs tap to focus

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Part 8 of the Pixel 4 vs iPhone 11 Pro camera comparisons.

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Timothy Howard says:

Some of these comments are pathetic. Pixel/Android fanboys get so butthurt when the iPhone is better. Jerome isn't biased. So get out of here with that nonsense

Blade says:

I prefer detail over noise i don't mind some noise

Rick Everett says:

This pixel 4 background noise has come up before on some reviews but not all the time.. my pixel 4 night mode shots don't show that amount of noise. Wonder if it's device to device because the example here is worse than mine. Especially the strange band.. never had that and the sky is clean and along more noise free.

Jjwalla Sekar says:

Review looks biased

Viboto Awomi says:

Biased review much?

Leks says:

iPhone trash

llennoco22 says:

The sign issue is a form of lens ghosting.

Aleksander Cross says:

Please, use the astro mode on the Pixel 4 to daily night scenaries. Thus, in Google Pixel noise reduction works better. Try with and without a tripod.

Azam Jamal says:

pixel should already updated the sensor and go full throttle

Stanley Robert says:

iPhone really nailed with camera department this year. Hope it will continues next year.

Harley Strain says:

I really like the pixel 4 shots, would win me over but the noise in the night sky is really holding it back

Brian Lau says:

Thx for the camera comparison J Ortega. The detail on the iphone is impressive.

Candy Boy says:

I always lean towards the pixel's images, but the iPhones noise reduction algorithms just seem so much better!

TheGPR12 says:

Are the pictures taken with HDR+ Enhanced on?
Looks like the zero shutter lag regular hdr is on. I may be wrong.

James Andrew says:

Super impressed by the iPhone, disappointed with the Pixel. And I love the Pixel's

Jerome Ortega says:

Evenin' fam 🥰

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