Pixel 4 vs iPhone 11 Pro Camera Comparison! // Insane Results!

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iPhone 11 Pro vs Pixel 4 Camera Comparison! The results this year are shocking. Both of these cameras have slight advantages in certain areas but it’s not as drastic as it used to be in previous years. Watch for the full review!

Pixel 4 Unboxing – https://youtu.be/bWiOP8wobVU
PixelBook Go Unboxing – https://youtu.be/U1C1wyO-hLY

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Matthew Moniz says:

Here it is iPhone 11 Pro vs Pixel 4. The gap is small. Pixel 4 has a very distinct look but I'd rather have the iPhone. Hit me up on discord if you have any questions! discord.gg/mattmoniz

James Ritch says:

Lol what a beautiful cock

Michal says:

Hmmm shouldn't Pixel 4 be compared with iPhone 11, not pro?

Tech Talks with Mohit says:

The Pixel 4 retains its crown of the unbeatable still photo champ yet again.

Akshay Kumar T P says:

You can change blur amount with photos app

Kevin Davis says:

Another fine video Matthew, thanks.

Daniel Terjesen says:

I almost never take a video

Leo Vice says:

Noticed the iPhone front facing video keeps the foreground stabilized while the background jitters, due to poor stabilization or something: as seen with the tree leaves blurring @ 0:25, while the pixel keeps the the leaves and branches clear but blows out the sky constantly

Nickalos Sigurnjak says:

Pretty bias review. Not to mention, this guy is not a photographer using the light adjustments etc.

LagunaFruit says:

Dude, u can adjust amount of blurriness on Pixel 4 as well 😉

Santiago Shago says:

What about performance and all those stuff?

Dmytro D says:

IPhone 11 pro camera is incredible, but overall pixel is a king still

Marco Saltarello says:


Rusu Florin says:

You have a beautiful cock! Very big. Your wife must be a very happy woman.

Bhavya Thakur says:

Doesn't he look like shawn michaels?

Kristian Dowling says:

"beautiful cock: lol

Mick Harro says:

Prefer anything Huawei does over both these

Tim Possible says:

8:27 the iPhone put too much focus on the interior of the building, whereas the Pixel focused on the interior and exterior. Not only can you see the balcony in the bg, you can see the signage clearly on the face of the building. iPhone tends to fix it's focus on the subject more then the overall picture in these instances. Just like with the photos of the girl with the pom pom hat, the Pixel got the details of the pom pom right but it blurred out the few hairs between her neck and hair. The iPhone tried to keep those hairs in focus by not blurring them out but instead blurred out the pom pom. Both have those strengths and weaknesses.

Tim Possible says:

At 5:30 how can you give a "slight edge" to the Pixel 4 for dynamic range just because you can see the details in the door? There's loads of noise everywhere, the colors are off and the iPhone has more sharper details. The pixel looks like someone turned the contrast up too high. That's not a better looking photo. If she had to choose one to put on your social media, I'm sure the lady in the photo would choose the iPhone's shot.

(I didn't mention the lens flare because those things happen sometimes)

Tim Possible says:

I think the iPhone keeping the shadows on the shed photo is more realistic and dramatic. Just because you can see the shaded leaves doesn't mean you should.
The color science is also better in the iPhone even though it didn't focus on the details of the brick wall in the background.
IMO the iPhone had the better of the two photos there.

Farlié LaCroix says:

nice review btw you look like Jeremy Thomas.

Seeker J says:

Meh…just buy a Pixel 3a and skip them both

mmafanatic1992 says:

3:16 this is a beautiful cock. 😂😂😂

Sebastian Cichowski says:

5:38 do you really think the door on the pixel 4 looks better? Seriously, this photo is completely flat and the door has a lot of noise (or youtube compression artefacts). Photo from the iPhone looks more natural – look at the building behind that woman or at the door – iPhone managed to preserve their natural color whereas Pixel blown them out.

Simple Boy says:

Pixel look far better for far cheaper and if you want better go OnePlus or Samsung note 10.

Ariozo says:

Like every(Most) years Pixel is damn solid on stills..:) But this year compare to Pro Max..it´s very close and iphone have so much better overall package..Video is really bad on pixel this year..:)

Mr Wolf says:

So you just weren't going to use the telephoto lens on the iPhone for portrait mode. But you compared it to the pixel which is a zoomed-in image.

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