Pixel 4 vs iPhone 11 Pro – Camera comparison in portrait mode

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Both the Pixel 4 and iPhone 11 Pro are top-notch cameraphones – but who takes the crown when it comes to portrait mode?

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Xypleth says:

Pixel 4 – worse hardware, iPhone 11 – worse software.

Terrence Benjamin says:

To me it doesn’t matter. Even though this is a camera comparison for the person doing a point and shoot, the exposure can be adjusted before the shot. So it’s a wash and a win for both cameras. I would pick the iPhone 11 over the pixel for noise reduction though

Ygor Cortes says:

Aside from edge detection and white balance, the iPhone was MUCH better. The Pixel is way too noisy and still manages to lack details. This was disappointing :/

Tomas Kotlar says:

He is definitely an Android fanboy ! He has doing everything just to made the iPhone photos looks bad. I have the iPhone 11 Pro and none of the pictures looks faded, or dull. He's has doing something wrong with the iPhone camera

George Bush says:

Look at how noise the Pixel photos are, you can't never remove, or edit the noise out of the pictures. The iPhone is doing here a much better job, even with smart HDR turned off!

donxalamar says:

Front facing portrait?

Ken Matharoo says:

I think the reason Pixel 4 nailed the faces was that "synthetic fill flash" processing trick quietly introduced with the Pixel 3. As Marc Levoy touted, the Pixel 4 did indeed do semantic rendering before the iPhone.

Simply your device says:

G7 portrait mode vs….. ? Think we could have a comparison?

chrisak49 says:

Pixel 4 photos are super noisy. It’s unacceptable. So much loss of detail.

NekroMcFly says:

11 Pro pics looks washed out and kind of artificial, also that yellowish tint that every iPhone has that I never like it.

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