Pixel 4 vs 11 Pro vs Note 10 – Honest Camera Comparison

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Google’s Pixel 4 is Finally Here! Can its camera top the iPhone 11 Pro and Galaxy Note 10 Plus in Photo Quality? Let’s find out!
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Google’s Pixel 4 now features a 16MP telephoto camera, just like you get on Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 Plus.

However, those two phones get an ultrawide lens, which the Pixel 4 lacks.

We found some very interesting details on how the Pixel 4 takes portrait photos compared to the other phones.

The iPhone 11 Pro was also using Deep Fusion, so we see some incredible detail in certain shots.

The Note 10 Plus’ portrait blur edging was also excellent!

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Max Tech says:

Were you shocked by those results at the end? Comment to let us know what you thought about these smartphone cameras!
Video Quality comparison video coming soon!
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that point should have gone to note 10
because the iPhone messes up edge detection around the hair.

Kaneda says:

I'm super disappointed in the pixel4. I have the pixel 3 xl and I don't think it's worth it for me to "upgrade". when I found out google was no longer going to honor the "free unlimited cloud storage for life" that was a huge "FU" to me as a pixel owner since the free cloud storage was a big reason I chose the pixel 3 in the first place. shame on you google. how are you going to offer a pitiful max capacity of only 128gb with no expandable micro sd? it blew my mind that google decided not to go with a wide-angle lens, and they haven't even attempted to make video any better. on top of all this, they only wanted to give me $260 trade-in for my pixel 3 xl…..are you serious?! it's only a year old and your own previous flagship. when I saw the pictures google released to show off how nice their new night sight was I thought it was a joke. the pictures were full of noise. if google wants me to buy the pixel 5 they're going to have to really step it up.

wide-angle lens
MUCH better video
micro sd slot
3.5mm audio jack(i know that's probably never gonna happen)

otherwise, I'm going to switch back to samsung or go with a oneplus when it comes time for a new phone

onshorespider01 onshorespider01 says:

Dont forget that the reason the note 10 portraits are so large in file size is because your able to change the portrait modes after the shot

Dan KR says:

Author is stupid: photo on 3:50 the best on the pixel, hdr on the iphone very bed in that photo. Apple paid for this video. DISLIKE

El Ghali El Yousoufi says:

Frankly speaking, your reviews and comparisons are the best.
I'm subscribed to over 30 or 40 tech channels, and you're the only one who is really reviewing the real wolrd and extensive use cases of the products you review.
I hardly push any thumbs up but I have already liked the 3 videos i've seen on your channel so far.
Great work.
Wish you all the best.

ikia malvia says:

The 11pro was dark and the note 10 was brighter

Fact Hunter says:

Iphone skin tone looks like jaundiced person.

Nhel Villanueva says:

Iphone wins 🤟🏻

Arootin Aghazaryan says:

such a biased comparison!!! 7:00 "the note10 does an excellent job on edge detection"!!! really? do you even see the edges of the hair???
7:30 "the samsung definitely does the best job in edge detection of random objects"!! I think I do not see ANY edge detection going on in Samsung's photo!
but the iPhone is really the overall better camera this year.

Nayfus Hatake says:

Mate 30pro is the king mate. Not these 3 phones.

yash karan gupta says:

Pixel 2 XL was the best phone. Rest all pixel series phones are trash.

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