Pixel 4 versus iPhone 11 Pro: camera comparison

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The Pixel 4 versus iPhone 11 Pro camera comparison is here to show you how the cameras of these two devices stack up. The new Pixel 4 has an amazing camera experience and improves on what Google delivered last year on the Pixel 3, but the iPhone 11 Pro also has the best camera we have seen from an iPhone in years and it’s been able to beat out quite a few of the best Android smartphone cameras this year. Check out the iPhone 11 Pro versus Pixel 4 camera comparison and let us know which device you think captures batter photos and videos.

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Kim Bridge says:

i use android never had an Iphone. the 6s plus was the first one to tempt me. but i prefer the iphone in this review

4 ron says:

I agree with Nick on both counts – Pixel for photos, iPhone for videos.

Ivan Hinojosa says:

Why do all these pics and videos look awful on both phones. You must be doing something Wrong.

Niklaus91 says:

apple have done very good job this year! if it has night mode on selfie and on ultra wide lens iphone would have the perfect camera… i stil think has the best camera phone but needs more to become perfect!

Tim Possible says:

At 3:00 you mention that both phones white balance was off (Pixel,warm/iPhone,cool) in their videos of the rug. It's the same in the stills taken at 3:33 but the balance improved on the iPhone when it switched to wide at 3:37

Tim Possible says:

It's a "1080pity" that Pixel's front facing camera can't do 4k video

Tim Possible says:

Why are some Androids selfie photos inverted? As an exclusive iPhone user I've never understood this.

Abul Basar says:

Wanna see a camera comparison with HUAWEI MATE 30 PRO

Joshua Goose says:

Great video, Google F up by not having a wide angle lense….#pixelfail

Min Yi says:

3:54 > 3:57… don't fool me. you turned Pixel's error picture into a good one

Josh Bonner says:

Night modes really good on iPhone 11 Pro Max! Apart from that photo quality in day in similar

Pie Mon says:

I like pixel 4 xl

Nam Ngyen says:

Pixel 4 for more realistic colors

Modit Bazracharya says:

Around 4:11 there seems to be a mistake. Both of them looks like they were taken with the iphone. One with and one without portrait mode

Bill Dineen says:

i do not understand all the love the iphone get's it's fine but man they scew way to warm all the time and a lot of the times the detail just isn't there. there white balance is just off. don't get me wrong there times warm color temperature works and when it does the iPhone does produce a nice picture but it's too much almost all the time and it kills skin tone and white objects.

Hosni Guiling says:

I liked more of the photos taken by the iPhone 11 Pro. The front facing camera sucks though.

karlzell wang says:

I think iphone night mode is better than pixel 4 night sight

Susmito Rittik says:

I think for most photos I prefer the color profiles of the Pixel photos to those of the iPhone (except when it lands warmer). The selfie camera also seems better on the Pixel. Generally speaking, the daytime photos are pretty much on equal footing, and I wouldn't mind either the iPhone or the Pixel for those photos. Daytime videos are better on the iPhone, but low light videos are quite terrible (on both the front and rear facing cameras). Also, the selfie camera is better on the Pixel. I like the fact that the iPhone has an ultra wide angle lens, which can come in real handy in certain situations.

On the whole, I think I'd go with the iPhone if my focus is purely on photography and video, but if I do, I'd try to avoid taking selfies and videos in low light as much as possible.

Mzwandile Harmans says:

Both take great photos and videos. I prefer iPhone bcos it has that ultra wide sensor that is lacking on pixel, useful when traveling. And the video recording capabilities where iPhone shoots 4k60fps with all 4 cameras that pixel can not do with any of its cameras. I like the brightness on pixel night Photos on night photos but the lights 💡 are bit over exposed than on iPhone. Iphones night shoots still show that they are night photos and natural and lights are well exposed. I note that iPhone photos can be too warm and pixel too cold. My overall choice is iPhone 📱

Aritram Mondal says:

Pixel is way better. But night photo look better on iphone, because blacks are black. And sound is way better on pixel then iPhone which is 💩. For me sound of iphone is 💩💩💩💩. iPhone's sound may be natural but not sharp n loud.

For me pixel.

Cali Love says:

The audio is so much better on the pixel. The pixel wins in photos.

Vincen Cohan says:

100/200% zoom is a must to get clear comparisons

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