Pixel 3a vs Pixel 3: Camera Comparison Test! (4K)

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Camera comparison test: new Google Pixel 3a vs the flagship Pixel 3. $400 vs $800! The photo and video results were very interesting, and I want to hear what you think – could you tell the differences?!

Huge thanks to #teampixel (Google) for the #Pixel3a gift.

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AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke says:

Woot, finally here, what do you guys think??
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poposmoko says:

The reason your Pixel 3 picked up more wind noise is because it was blocking the wind noise for your Pixel 3a. If the wind was coming from the other direction, your Pixel 3a would've picked it up and your other phone wouldn't.

PakMan says:

I think I'll pick up the 3a for the camera and video capture and a razer phone 2 for daily usage. Great video!

Name says:

The differences were so small it could've just been down to quality control, if you're in it for the camera the 3a is amazing.

Kelvin Smith says:

Great video, just what I was looking for. For my eyes the 3 looked slightly better however when you take cost into consideration the 3a wins for me.

Thanks again


My 3a arrived today 👍

Arfa Khan says:

Pixel vs 3a

Eduardo Rocha says:

3a wins: Stabilization, Low light, Slow motion's color.
3 wins: Photo (better contrast), Video (better contrast), Front facing wide angle, microphone.

Jeerasak Phaosricharoen says:

love your review 👍

Mooniversal 3875592847 says:

Can't take you seriously like the Pixel 3a stabilization was way better in front and you say they both look same? srsly?

Rennie Ash says:

Today I learned that we have duck lips 🦆 👄

Gentle Yo says:

They need massive improvement on the video to challenge the iPhone and improve battery capacity and pixel 4 XL is for me

Μłκε ŠøLø says:

Expect a phone call from google. " you're hired "

l Kumar says:

It is amazing that they put the same camera in $400. I see no difference in photos. However, i believe there is a difference in the videos. The 3 it better in videos.

Sidharth Singhal says:

Why don't you have any test with Samsung Galaxy S10?

Origami S says:

I felt sick looking at the left (3a) when you or the person moved in the film, but 3 didn't give me that car-sick feel. Looking at the plan (in canada), I can get google pixel 3 for just $150 more so I'm going for 3. google 3 definitely was better in the movie, but not so much difference in the photos. I

Tanzim Akash says:

Do a pixel 3a vs pixel 2 xl please.

Amit das says:

Can u test cemera of 2xl vs 3a

Inquisitve m says:

would night site work for video too?

Emmanuel Chua says:

you addressed the auto focus and fixed focus on the front facing cameras of these two, something not too many tech reviews mention. i'm subscribing! 👍

Mountaneereng says:

Спасибо! Полезное сравнение!

LoveTech says:

It feels like a no brainer to ME. 400 vs 800, for the same camera and camera processing.

Cutting Edge Cool says:

Great comparison!

Jamil Johnson says:

Pixel 3 a is your winner same photo at a lower price is a great deal for me.

Blueshirt says:

Thanks for the quality comparative tests. I really don't mind trading $400 for not getting a second selfie camera. Glad to see that the photo/video processing doesn't really take a hit on the 3a.

focuz point says:

really appreciate that ..see you soon with other stuffs thanks for the information ……..!!!, personally i like "pixel 3a"

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