Pixel 3a vs iPhone XR: Camera Test Comparison! (4K)

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How does the affordable #Pixel3a camera stack up against the “budget” #iPhoneXR?! Honestly for the major price difference, I was very surprised with how close the results were – which one do you think is the most bang for the buck?!

Huge thanks to #teampixel (Google) for the Pixel 3a gift.

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AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke says:

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Eduardo Rocha says:

overall, iphone camera wins. but i really hate the OS and prices from Apple. So i would choose the 3a.

i dont really need over the top image quality for social media. most people just want photos for instagram, snapchat, facebook.

Peregrine Slim says:

The white balance is far too warm on the XR. Things may pop, but it is just wrong.

Knodesant Knode says:

Apple are scam
Pixel all the way

Knodesant Knode says:

Apple are scam
Pixel all the way

TheAgency says:

cool video!!!

Aditya Nur Azizi Yasin says:

been using red XR for a month. its just great. the SOT got 8-10 hrs 👀🙃 the video quality of Iphone undoubted…… sorry samsung fans Lol 🙂 xr has really great value for money! Alhamdulillah

Hoess Elyyy says:

iPhones have the best video camera.

Fernando Castillo says:

Has anyone noticed the green tint on the iPhone's videos?

Pablo Miranda says:

La dji osmo action???

Romain Provost says:

Pixel 3a vs s9 for vidéo at day and night please 🙂

The Handsome Alien says:

Does anybody know which one has better battery life?


I like pixel 3a …. Give me pixel 3a

David Kwaku Wireko says:

Apple has too much pumpkin tones on your face.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Jagadish K says:

Dude stop praising apple. Compare the price

Hunter B says:

Look at that man sitting on the bench in the background at 3:14 smh

Jamil Johnson says:

x r Apple did a good job with this camera but pixel 3 a is $350 less so pixel win any way.

Bhaskar Yadav says:

You are very good I know this is a phone video but latest video of yours so plsssss. Try fimi x8 se drone as you have done review of many drones pls fan request pls

Yi-hsiu Lee says:

OMG photos shot by the Pixel 3a are so pretty, just like the ones you see on the magazines!

stinking Mutation198 says:

hello Dear authentech,
which smartphone have the BEST camera in $261 ? i am searching on Ebay for refurbished OR ''open box'' condition for $261 i found only Galaxy S7 and Google Pixel ? Which one should i take ? do you have any other better suggestion in this Budget? i saw tons of your videos and still it's really hard to make a decision. (S7 comes with 2K screen and wider angle while the Google Pixel comes with better HDR and better low light quality=more details. ). my main reason for buying this phone is for Time lapse videos in 4k, drawings in my room while a tripod over my desk with phone filming time lapse. my hand and drawing is in the frame.

Please answer i appreciate it if you will. Thank you, your videos are Great!

Tom Alawatte says:

iPhone is the best!

Kojo K says:

Pixel 3a vs S9
S9 also has a single camera

Lukesh Arora says:

iPhone XR is good

Will Newcomb says:

Very close! I agree that the XR is a tad better. Unusual finding a YouTube reviewer who agrees!!!

gurnihal brar says:

personally the iphone xr is a complete package , good photos with very good video

Jose Ruiz Valbuena says:

The iPhone XR has wider field of view in the rear camera and I think that's why the zoom is not as good as the Pixel 3a

S P BISWAL says:

Night mode images should have included

Ace Lucero says:

The photos on the Pixel at amazing. It all falls apart on video though.

A A says:

PIXEL 3A the clear winner

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