Pixel 3 XL vs iPhone XS Max vs Galaxy Note 9 CAMERA TEST Comparison

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The full Google Pixel 3 / Pixel 3 XL vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Apple iPhone XS / XS Max Camera Comparison. We look at Pixel 3 Wide Angle, Group Selfie, Slow Mo / Slow Motion, 4K Video, Photos, and more!

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Ebru Evermore says:

I feel like the iphone & the note 9 did better. Pixel looked terrible πŸ’€

Charlie Levitt says:

I like the Google pixel 3 for photos but it always loses for video and audio recording. The iPhone XS Max always wins for Video and Audio but the Pixel is terrible at video and audio but amazing at photo.
However the Note 9 doesn't look very nice and I think that the Samsung S's are better than the Notes.
I like the stabilization on the Pixel though. The iPhone has way better HDR so all the front and back is exposed correctly but then the Note 9 is always overexposed and then the Pixel is a bit less overexposed. However, that is on the front facing camera. The back camera always looks better on the Pixel.
Front facing camera portrait mode is very nice on the Pixel 3 XL followed by the iPhone XS Max and then followed by the Note 9. I like how the Pixel and the Note are quite wide unlike the iPhone.
The portrait mode is very nice on the Pixel and the iPhone is nice but the skin tone looks very soft and light. The t-shirt colour on the iPhone and Pixel are also very different.

kunal says:

Pixel best camera

Sudhanshu Yadav says:

Iphone xs max give video lil bit warmer look and pixel 3xl give cooler look.. If video taken from pixel and give it a warmer look it will be best among all…😁

Leonardo Cartier says:

Relation price-performance…. Google Pixel by far

Ilyaas Khan says:

IPhone got crushed

Pistol Gang says:

iPhone XS audio sound horrible

Rodrigo Mariano Villar Vespa says:

iPhone XS Max is better

Afonso Pina says:

Basically, there is no phone with best camera when they all are good, that's what I get after watching a lot of reviews and tests. One is better at one thing but worst at other thing, so it ends up to be about personal preference.

RavenzDiary says:

I love the photos on the xs max on daylight, but when it gets darker the samsung is doing better, also it's easier to saturate a photo than the opposite

akash krishna says:

How tf is iphone xs the best….clearly u guys need to have ur eyes checked

Angel wick city says:

Note 9 portrait mode actually doesn't look that bad

Stelios P says:

On landscape i choose pixel,on selfie xs max and on color deapth and blacks the note(that i personaly own as a daily driver).And it is indeed bad in comparison with the other two on the selfie.On the front i do prefer it because of the more deep colours,the portrait mode and especialy the pro mode. In pro mode you can actually make some incredible picks.The iso can go as low as 50 and for daylight usage with the 2.4f with a shutter more than 100 you can actually take some amazing quality pictures. Especialy in raw file. The selfie tho is indeed bad.Hope with the one ui they will bring more software tuning in the front camera.

Guest House says:

the iPhone is weakest in this compression

Rathernot Disclose says:

iPhone winner.

Armaan Raza says:

Hindi bol liya kro angrej ki aulad hai kya

Maksim Didenko says:

Pixel 3 – best in Daylight/landscapes
Note 9 – Best in low light
iPhone XS Max- Best in keeping the lightning good?

aldren subijano says:

Got the note 9 and i love it! But honestly, in this camera category.. pixel 3 hands down! Edging xs max by a small margin. You did a Very good and honest video comparison mate.. keep it up!

vlogs games tv says:

iphone xs max is best

Andru Smith says:

Galaxy Note 9 best.

λ°•μ‚°ν›ˆ says:

Watching at my beautiful note 9

Nice moment says:

Power note 9 stabilization

rx7dude2006 says:

iphone looks the best to me.

Tara RenΓ© says:

Thank you for this, but I'm also kind of mad at you because you might have just sold me on the iPhone. 😭

Zanghi Mark says:

Been a samsung user since the s3. IPhone beat them all in the "overall" category. I've seen videos from concerts and festivals taken from the iPhone xs max. The sound capture quality is amazing too

Prajnan naik says:

Note 9 mic is litt

Adrian Valentine says:

iPhone XS Max is my favourite here, but then again, I'm biased as I've got one. :))

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