Pixel 3 XL VS Huawei P30 Pro – Lowlight camera comparison PART 2

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So, the reigning champion of last year, the Google Pixel 3, takes on the Huawei P30 Pro, Huawei’s beast of a camera phone. Today we have lowlight camera comparison, daylight following in the days to come. Hope you enjoy our comparison, and please leave a comment with your feedback and opinions on how we can improve our work.
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Pixel Peepers says:

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Pishi A says:

The RYYB sensor combined with OIS is a possible quantum leap in lowlight photography. It very low light, no other smartphone comes close. Having that said, the RYYB was a risky move on Huawei's part. In some units, I see some real problems with color reproduction. Others seem fine. I am wondering if they would stuck to the RGGB sensor would have been the right move. It could have still beat its competitors by virtue of OIS and its large pixel size, without the hit in color reproduction. Having that said, IF Huawei manages fix this in software it could be a revolutionary move in photography as a whole. The early examples of the P20 Pro had severe issues with chromatic aberration, but this was fixed in software updates. I'd bet most will be surprised to see the P30 Pro actually beat out some professional cameras in super low light without using its night mode.


What I am curious about is how the P30 Pro fair using AI Ultra clarity mode. Right now AI Ultra clarity mode is exclusive to Honor V20 phones. The P30 Pro with its OIS enabled super spectrum sensor would be well suited for such software tricks.

Tic Tech Toe says:

Excellent video!!

Eslam Shaker says:

didn't expect pixel video quality to be this bad

rusiru batuwatta says:

Pixel 3 selfie camera and p30 pro's rear camera ❤️.. can you do nokia 9
pureview vs iphone xsmax and p30 pro? I can't find true camera comparison of nokia 9..

Elvin Perez says:

Thanks for a great comparison!!
I really want to buy the p30 pro because i really love the pictures especially at night but that red hue in the videos got me in hold…

Alexandru Manea says:

Hey, Welcome back! On low light pics I was sure p30 pro will be the preferred one, but having it, I know that on daylight things will not look very good, specially when facing s10 plus hdr and higher saturation. Will not provide any more spoilers and will wait your video on it. But, apart for the low light pics, a good aperture more that can use the telephoto, 5x zoom, there are better phones out there as whole package providing a seamless experience.

HD12q TCG_B9M says:

Very well done Video. Because I don't have a P30 pro, i would like to know a comment on how its nightmode looks in the golden evening (i mean just at the sunset time)

Denis Thomas says:

The huawai is way off the normal white balance. Too warm too red. On the other hand pixel is a bit on the green side, but not too much.
Pixel is more natural with less sharpening than the p30. My pick is pixel, but that's debatable. You can't deny that the p30 is way off in white balance though.

lukemothug says:

Can't wait for the night mode software update to come to the Galaxy S10

beton scheitel says:

Would be interesting if the jitter effects with the light sources on the P30pro desappear when electronic stabilization is turned off. But i still wouldn´t consider buying a P30pro because of the red colors in daylight and nighttime. P30pro with Iphone xs videocam and it would be a different story.

raju kushwaha says:

But pixel camera night pics very very noisy

John Dough says:

Isn't it dangerous to be ALONE outside at night so often with so many EXPENSIVE gadgets when there are no witnesses and noone to help you against getting robbed??

Enrico says:

i somehow like the Pixel 3 more at Videography, because P30 Pro's Video is jittery. But for Photography i would choose P30 Pro

Andrew Wee says:

Is it true that p30 is using sony sensor on each 4 camera although it's using the lieca branding?

Алекс says:

Nice video! I just saw the first phone which Pixel 3 can't compare with. I think this is the limit of one lens. There are a lot of smartphone with two and more camera sensors but only Huawei can use them with their whole potential. I expect Google Pixel 4 to be the next competitor in this battle of good camera sensors and software.
Wish you all the best!

Rennie Ash says:

0:13 Enjoy *crappy video ensues 😉 I wonder when phones will be able to record in darkness without being fuzzy and jittery

tariq alli says:

The video is messed up from the low light photos section. Nothing changes

deadworms says:

The huawei p30 pro also takes the crown for oversharpening.

Sangye Palden says:

P 30 pro😍😍😍😍..

Amran Ibrahim Rashidi says:

P3O Pro big win here…

antony v says:

P30 pro is not good for video recording!

tony okoro says:

Not impressed with either to be honest. Video was garbage on both and photos although better on the p30 pro still don't impress much. Not one who would use night mode much. It's a 6s second exposure so not something I'll be trying to use a lot. The garbage video is what really puts me off. The p30s photos I could get used to bit not that video recording. Advice to p30 owners, make sure you're still when shooting videos with the device. Quality degrades otherwise.


In your opinion who is better on video and on a photo? I noticed that different cocoperez and white balance much. Who's right?

walid siline says:

thanks for it

Red Tiger says:

Even in video the p30 pro is better, which is amazing

xRekhyt says:

I'm sorry, but this is not your best comparison. There are too few samples and the motives could also have been more interesting showing people, moving objects or busy streets. Furthermore, you seem to be a little biased giving the crown almost instantaneously to the P30 Pro. I mean, the low light videos from the P30 Pro are stuttering like crazy and Huawei is using tons of over-sharpening which looks quite unnatural. The Pixel 3 is not perfect at all, but has at least a well balanced look it's photos.

UCCC 2415 says:

I owned the pixel 3xl. It's a truly fantastic shooter however having bought the p30 pro. Google can no longer afford to release the same camera on the pixel 4 series, if they want the best camera again that is. P30 pro just a bit too good and versatile now.

Abdullah Nauman says:

Woah The P30 demolished the google pixel 3.
I'm earlllly

Lelouch V Britannia says:

4:33 to 7:00
No photos to show?!

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