Pixel 3 vs Cinema Camera! 4k Camera Comparison!

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Welcome to UNFAIR Camera Comparison where we are going to compare budget level cameras and cell phone cameras against a Canon Cinema Camera (The C200) how well will these frugal finds stand up against the pro level video recorder? Well lets cover some of the specs!

The Pixel 3 XL can record in up to 4k 30fps and can do a slow motion of 1080p 120fps. The C200 can record in up to cinema 4k at 60fps and can also do 120fps 1080p.

The pixel is a cell phone that needs an adapter to use headphones where as the C200 has all manners of pro level features such as built in ND filters, XLR ports, and dual SD Card slots!

So which is going to come out on top?! Lets find out!

Canon C200

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Massar Maguette Fall says:

ok great job but who told you that you are funny ?

Clorex Bleach says:

Sooooo, it all gets down to bokeh and the log-profile? The dynamic range does seem to suck on the C200 though :s

Nikolaj Christensen says:

Very very unprofessional comparison. The canon was overexposed with a heavily contrasty picture profile. It has C-LOG for a reason. I've watched many of your comparisons now and you're a good person. However, the truth is that professional equipment will not look better if not set up correctly. I think it is misleading to say that a phone will soon be able to replace cinema cameras without using the camera as intended.

Sea Bass says:

You should make a video using a GoPro 7 black

Mark Revue says:

Was definitely an unfair comparison, it just that the unfairness was to the C200

Ahmad Subekti says:

Please make a video comparing Google pixel 2 vs cinema camera. Thanks. Your content is very good

The TexPat in Saigon says:

If you had not put the little photos to show which camera was which, I wouldn't have been able to tell the difference.
My honest opinion is that if you are only producing youtube content, the C200 is a luxury you enjoy but didn't much help your viewers experience, if they noticed. Lot of fun to have, though.

J. Sanchez says:

But which one can I watch The Everyday Dad in crispy HD 🤧

mobile time says:

U talk too much for nothing … Just see us only a pic and video … Really u boring me iam just lost 8 minutes for nothing

SuperDan says:

Pixel 3 vs Cinema Camera! 4k Camera Comparison!…………….. yet video is 1080p 30fps

CJH 0614 says:

Can you make a video bout the Hero 7 Silver (I wanna see your review of it becauz you said the hero white is a piece of sh*¢

Ryan Sondak says:

Canon c200 review!!!

Bhagz O'really says:

Loving that hat 🤗🤗

Mark Attardo says:

The Pixel continues to impress me. I think I finally understand your lust for the C200. The fiddliness is the hardware setup, the file it spits out is ready to use. Assuming the audio and video are output as 1 file. Fair comparison. Can't wait to see what you pump out with the beast once you get used to it.

Chris Kuroda says:

Loved the side by side. The Canon did not impress me with its focus and exposure. The Pixel did very well, considering it is a phone!

Johannes Nilsen says:

pros have the camera already set up before shoot, so this is not fair, in already un-fair comparison.

Johannes Nilsen says:

but we still need ND filter, tripod, for tricky shots. have you tested any adjustable clamp on ND filters
one flaw many phones have is useless camera app,  even premium phones, hardware is not the only thing that matters, the software too,
for example Sony xz premium, I had my reasons/needs for getting that phone, like size, bezels so I can rest my thumbs, and the size, but camera app was garbage, could not use manual while shooting video.
have you tested any of the paid camera apps? if so any recommendation?

LOUISLEGOfilms says:

Where did you get the arri lut?

LOUISLEGOfilms says:

5:42 nice canon color science

Creative School says:

ABOUT videography pixel 3 XL is just garbage

Alexander Wasserman says:

C200 vs GH5

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