Pixel 3 versus Pocophone F1 camera comparison

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This video compares the cameras of the Pixel 3 and Pocophone F1. The pixel 3 and Pocophone F1 feature high-end specs, but the Pocophone has inferior sensors when compared to Google’s flagship smartphone.

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Upi Ares says:

good pixel 3

Reza Reza says:

Try the Google pixel mod and your mind will be blown what poco can do, you don't need to unlock your bootloader or anything just install the app and you will be ready to rock!

LegoStudios says:

Pixel mics are better now thank goodness

jheng nazal says:

Pocophone is a worse phone n cheap plastic body. Don't be idiot about that phone

Sai Bharadwaj says:

Bro is it ok to get poco F1 right now I mean in this time after 4 months of its launch

Gaurav Shah says:

Pixel 3 and poco have exactly the same sensors

gamez buddy says:

mkbhd sucks he said poco has below average camera on his review
then its beat iphone x and note 9 on blind camera test. im not saying it s better than both of them but it s not that bad

Kebin odasu says:

My mobile pocophone

Mbappé Kyllian says:

Le pocophone au meilleur prix sur amazon

Murali Krishna says:

I love Poco phone

fightnight14 says:

3:28 its not even close, Poco used too much smoothing via AI

MOhamed RAafat says:

You really need to try to compare using gcam on pocophone f1

Clark Martin says:

Absolutely love both of those phones but the pocophone blew me away at the quality of camera you get for the price

haryanto njoo says:

Pocophone not bad

Divyang Kundaliya-allround videos says:

Pocos audio recording is Better than pixel 3

Mark Stelzl says:

They just updated the pixel 3 microphone issue. Now as good as anything else on the market. Amazing it got fixed in a software update. ,👍🏻


What is that place name , very beautiful

Nizar Noor says:

Pixel 3 just got an update that fixes the audio tuning in video recording

Light For Life says:

Hey I am using pocophone F1 (6gb and 128) can PLZZ share the link for the apk file for pixel3 cam


Which location shot this video wow awesome

ncesoftware says:

This proves we need software optimization not hardware upgradation every year with just hardly 1% performance boost..

Heimo Guttersberger says:

I installed the Pixel3 camera on the Pocophone, this is the best solution

COYH, UTT says:

The sound between them is like night and day, and I have seen previous clips where the f1 sounds poor compared to say, Oneplus 6t- so pixel must sound really poor compared to that!

Fabricio Demattê says:

A gcam pocophone vs pixel 3 would be a very nice comparison since most Poco users use Gcam

Avi gamer says:

Thats the pixel 3.. Camera father of all the flagship smartphones.. U must keep G.cam on poco f1.. But still pixel 3 definitely win!

Keith Parlee says:

I have the poco f1 and an really happy with it… After hearing the audio quality from the pixel 3 even more so! The only problem with the f1, in my opinion.. is that you can't see it in portrait mode with polarized sunglasses

Jeff Tung says:

As an owner of both Poco f1 and pixel 2 XL I must say Poco has a very decent camera

The Other Jeff says:

What if the POCOPHONE uses the GCam? Will it create the same photo as of the Pixel?

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