Peter McKinnon Backpack & Nomatic Carry On Classic [Unboxing & Overview]

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The Peter McKinnon Backpack by Nomatic is a camera and travel bag like no other! But is it worth the price tag? In this video, we’re going to unbox and take a first look at the new @Peter McKinnon camera bag PLUS the carry-on classic from @NOMATIC as well.

* Peter McKinnon Ultimate Camera Backpack Bundle –
* Peter McKinnon Camera Backpack Only –
* Peter McKinnon Cube Pack –
* Nomatic x PM Accessories –
* Nomatic Carry-On Classic Roller Luggage –

0:00 – Intro
1:30 – Carry-On Classic Unboxing & Overview
5:30 – Dunna repeats a line.
5:56 – Nomatic Travel Accessories
7:30 – Talking about how I travel
8:30 – Peter McKinnon Backpack On The Table!
9:30 – Surprise Accessories
10:07 – Admiring the box
10:40 – Unpacking the Peter McKinnon Backpack.
11:52 – Front Face Of The Backpack
12:08 – Front Pocket For Clothes and Such
13:50 – Exploring the Sides and Top
15:38 – Straps and Back Portion
19:01 – Laptop Pocket
19:32 – Main GIGANTIC Opening For Camera Stuff
21:15 – Extra Accessories with the Ultimate Package
23:55 – Peter McKinnon Cube Pack
25:19 – Straps I Missed
25:46 – Price and Package
27:16 – Answering Questions from YOU!


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□ WEB:

□ Main Camera – Sony a7iii:
□ B CAMERA – Sony a6600:
□ C Camera – Sony a6400:
□ Spare Batteries & Charger for a7iii & a6600:
□ Spare Batteries & Charger for a6400:
□ Tamron 28-75 f2.8:
□ Tamron 17-28 f2.8:
□ Sigma 16mm F1.4:
□ Sony 18-105 F4:
□ Sony 16-35 F4:
□ Sigma 30mm F1.4:
□ Sigma 56mm F1.4:
□ Big Main Light – Aputure 120dii:
□ Softbox for Main Light – Aputure Light Dome ii:
□ Less Expensive Light – Falconeyes SO48td:
□ Even Cheaper/Smaller Light – Falconeyes SO28td:
□ Big Light Stand – Neewer C-Stand:
□ Small Light Stand – Neewer Light stand:
□ Cute TINY RGB Light:
□ My Main Microphone – Deity Vmic D3Pro:
□ Backup (cheaper) version – Deity Vmic D3:
□ Wireless Lav Setup – Deity Connect:
□ Portable recorder – Roland R-07:
—Other Stuff—
□ Daily Camera Backpack – WANDRD PRVKE Backpack:
□ Main Tripod – 3 Legged Thing Punks Brian:
□ Cheaper Tripod – Neewer Carbon Fibre:
□ SUPER FAST External Drive:

Professional inquires please email: [email protected]

Disclaimer: Most of the purchase links in this description are affiliate links.


Dunna Did It says:

Anyone catch the glitch in the matrix?

Mustafa says:

FYI I'll save you the time it's 600$ lmao. I'm sure there all laughing all the way to bank with the crazy margins on this made in China product.

Eric Bradner says:

I’m between this one and a Shimoda Action X30. I have the Prvke 31L but it just doesn’t have enough quick access organization. Not sure the McKinnon/Nomatic one does either — but that whole clothes compartment could be used for tech stuff, I guess.

Timothy D'Cruz says:

Great video!!

Jody Waddle says:

This is another 'almost' makes me want to pick it up. The price point is a huge deterrent for the average amateur photographer like myself. Plus I do not have NEAR the amount of gear needed to fill it …. yet.

Rich Evicks says:

I will never buy these bags but I just realized I've watched all 30 min of this video…. Why??? You're a good talker man, had me locked in.. DUN DUN

New Ca says:

You should try the Italian restaurant below your place Dunna 🙂

quick _dry says:

Setting aside the obscene costs of camera bags cause that’s just the way of the world, how do you think this compares with the Shimodas or the Atlas Athlete? I use an FSTOP Tilopa, and it’s a big tank, even taking the metal frame out, it’s always a giant. How noticeable is the reduction in size when the PM “clothes area” isn’t used? when it’s not in “camera + carryon clothes” mode, is it in the “comfy every day camera bag” size range vs say the PRVKE (or check how much the Atlas Athlete compresses down)

RoshuaJogers says:

At one time I was so amped up about this bag and now that it’s out, I find my self not as interested. IF I was buying today, I’d buy a Wandrd I think. I’m still waiting until I have that moment when I realize I don’t have what I need and then I’ll make a decision. I was thinking, “What bag would I take to go to London and Nigeria if I was going again this summer?” and I realized I would probably take the same camera bag I had last time. That’s when I decided I needed to let my bag fever subside. The ThinkTank Urban Approach 15 was very capable for me while being compact enough to make riding the Underground manageable as well.

This is Tech Today says:

Definitely one of my favorite bags out there. 100% using it while traveling, but going with my Peak Design Everyday Backpack for an Everyday bag.

Busy Mom says:

Congratulations on your new apartment. Hopefully this pandemic will end soon and you guys can travel and use your new gear.

Paolo Cuyno says:

I purchased this through Kickstarter but it was way too large for me. I needed something that would fit under the seat on a plane but this didn’t seem like it’d fit most planes. Peter McKinnon makes this backpack look like a normal sized EDC backpack haha

Matthew Pate says:

Good stuff man!


We appreciate this unboxing video and the feedback! Stay safe! 🙂

Rico Marques says:

Dunna, awesome vídeo as always!! I have one doubt, can you fit these 2 medium packing cubes in the front ? Or just one ?

Eddie Nunez says:

Also- really digging the new timecoded timeline.

Eddie Nunez says:

I really want one of those Peter Mckinnon deluxe bags. One day! lol. Thanks for sharing.

CityLights Photography says:

My Peter McKinnon Travel Camera Backpack is arriving on Wednesday and I am going to do my very first YouTube video when I unbox mine.

Kyle & Andrea says:

Damn… we were supposed to be in Mexico right now as well. Had to cancel 2 weeks ago.

Sukesh Jothikumar says:

It would be better if you make a video showing how you would pack the bag.

Ali A says:

It's actually over priced!! It cost almost as much as a used A6500!! Or maybe a7r2

Content Creators Experiment says:

I’ve been eyeing the carryon for sometime! Have you tried rolling the luggage on carpet? I’ve had issues when I’m in hotels with thick carpeted floors where my luggage just won’t move 🤣 I have most of those Nomatic accessories and I freaking love them

Skipper says:

I honestly don't understand how stupid people can be. The fact is this bag is priced the way it is because of using Peter McKinnon as a sponsor. This bag would make more sense at about $299 US or $375 CAD but he has to get a piece of the pie and Nomatic gets his viewers. If just 2-3% of Peter McKinnon's viewers buy this bag it's a win win for both parties. I like how so many and yes so many of other youtubers try to suck up as much as possible to PM to hopefully get his attention gain some of his subscribers. It's becoming pathetic. So many other bags that are just as good or better with the PRVKE being one of them. Buy a different bag, get a camera cube, save your money for travel and lenses. Cheers.

Ricardo Sidney Vazquez Perez says:

Man I soo can't wait to get mine. I was looking for a camera bag a while ago and them Peter came out with one. Took me a bit to pull the trigger but I did. I don't do a lot of traveling but I am a overkill kind of guy 🤣🤣🤣 its better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. Still will like to see real world usage rather than the unboxing. At this point I guess unboxings will have to do

Jen O'Hogan says:

I really like that carry on. I might be book marking that one for a purchase at a later date.

Walt Melvin says:

The backpack is almost too big. Not sure it’ll fit under an airplane seat. And it looks like it was made for big DSLR cameras and overkill for mirrorless.

Fart's Pfotografy says:

14:44 Dunna is having a moment here folks

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