Pet Camera Review: Petcube Bites 2 vs Furbo [WATCH BEFORE BUYING]

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My HONEST review of two popular pet treat cameras!

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Jordan W says:

Thanks for this honest review. I love the look of the Furbo but after that pet cube was definitely winning. Especially the fact it is cat friendly also and the subscription service is cheaper and it can save video longer. I’ve seen these on insta but never really have the extra cash for one. Now that I have a pup and not just a cat I probably need to try to get one in the future ❤️

Petrisha Lee says:

I’m getting a service dog prospect over the summer, winning the pet cube would be awesome so that I could keep an eye on the pup while at school! Thanks for the giveaway

Natalie Wainwright says:

I’m not a hater but I don’t understand how you can do a review of 2 things and one of them is sponsored? Thats just not fair at all! Unless furbo is made by petcube and I don’t know.

Taylor Keiran says:

I’ve been trying to decide on which camera to get so thank you Rachel for making this video!!

Corey J. says:

Hi Rachel, I really love the Petcube. It just seems more versatile and I like the 3 day playback feature. I also like the pricing and the capacity that it holds. I really would love the Petcube for my dog to see what happens when no one is there.

Broke in Vegas says:

Pet cube looks great


Amazing review! It was extremely detailed and helpful! Personally, I would buy the PetCube because it has some extras features/functions I think would be really helpful. Again, this was an amazing review 😍 Also, I’m glad you’re back 😀

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jo kwangmin says:

I would love to have that Pet cube for my 4 month old pup. I can keep an eye on him while I am at work.

Valerie Delgado says:

Great video! I will be waiting for the next videos! The pet cube looks like a great way to interact with your pet while your away… I have been looking into these… For my puppy… To help a with separation anxiety.( Both of us) I feel so bad when I can't take him with me where ever I go.

Legacy Levi says:

Srry I missed I was at the park

Manrique Barrera says:

Very helpful for me

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