Pentax K200D video review by What Digital Camera

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bigpardner says:

5:52 "and you can see the display at the bottom quite nicely"? Yes, until you go outside. except on a very cloudy, dark day.

Ahmad Refai says:

It doesn't record videos

A P.A.C FILM says:

I got one and I still don't know if it can record video or not

MickyQuigleyTV says:

Does this camera record video? The picture taking performance isnt overly important for me as Im no professional photographer, but I do want the 720p video with no high pitched noise (like the fujis ive tried) while using the video feature

Andrew Piatek says:

Nice! I would hate if the flash popped up if I don't want the flash to pop-up. I always force the flash off on my camera (and I love the ones that don't have the flash at all, like the A850/A900). Pentax has a very good design. The only entry lever camera with weather sealed body and the LCD on top! To me, this is definitely the best entry lever DSLR there is.

sajtospopcorn says:

come on! 2 lenses….it's usefull:)…even for a 1st timer.

mikes1984 says:

i wouldnt recommend that many lenses for a first time user…

xmeda says:

depends on money..

I can recommend K20D + sigma 17-70 + pentax DA55-300 + FA50/1.4 + AF36FGZ flash.. wery usable and universal combo 🙂

EDXzim says:

Interesting review, Have you by any chance looked at the DA* lense that Pentax offers?

Jordan Miller says:

I think so. I have an 80-200mm SMC Pentax 1:4.5 K-mount lens from back when Asahi was still part of the picture, and it will fit. You can even get an adapter for the screw mount lenses from the 60's.

Amateur Photographer TV says:

A few seconds, but depending on the brand/speed/type of media card you are using

stgodd says:

the k200d is limited to a 5 shot burst,so how long do you need to wait before you can use the burst mode again??

Amateur Photographer TV says:

Yes they will.

humphrey mctush says:

I have an old pentax MX 35mm. Will the lens from this fit on a new K200D?

Amateur Photographer TV says:

I take your point, but the video reviews are a precis of much longer written reviews, and so don't cover every point made in the full test. As for this vs the Nikon D60, there's no pro Nikon bias, as you can see from our ratings: 88% for this camera and 85% for the Nikon.

patriotbarrow says:

It only does that if you use the camera in scene modes.

Amateur Photographer TV says:

The button to view the pictures you have taken is the one marked by the green triangle icon to the bottom left of the screen.
But if you mean Live View, where you can see the view on the screen before you take the picture, this camera does not offer that feature.

Bogdan Zaharia says:

i need some help, please. i just bought my pentax and i don't know how to turn on the monitor to see on it the preview of the picture. thank you.

icy2527 says:

Good Vid !!! Hoora .

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